Audrey Roloff Offers Some Very Strange Advice to Single Women

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Audrey Roloff is a happily married woman who clearly thinks she navigated her dating life in the most ideal way possible, hence this happy marriage.

And this is wonderful for the former Little People, Big World star.

More props to her, right?

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff: We're in Love!

The thing is, what's best for one person isn't necessarily best for another person.

And what's best for this other person may not be best for some other person, you know?

We say all of this because Audrey just shared the very sweet above photo of herself and husband Jeremy, writing along with it some advice to various women around the world.

Some questionable advice, many folks out there believe.

"SINGLE LADIES: To all my girls out there that are "hanging out" with a guy that you're just not sure about...

"You can't help who you fall in love with, but you CAN help who you spend time with," the expecting mother of one wrote to open her polarizing caption.

At the Farm with Ember

Continued Audrey, in confusing fashion:

Be careful spending too much time with someone you don't see yourself marrying because you just might fall in love with them....

And falling in love with someone you don’t see yourself marrying only ends in hurt. Guard your heart so that you can give it undividedly to your future husband.

You would want him to do the same for you.

Just... weird, right?

For starters: What, exactly, is the difference between falling in love with someone and finding someone you want to marry?

In what sort of situation would a man or woman fall in love with someone, and yet also know for certain he or she would not want to marry this person?

Table for Us 2

Secondly, what's the matter with simply dating for the sake of dating? For the sake of having fun? For the sake of learning something about yourself? Or of discovering what you want out of a long-term partner?

We aren't the only ones who reacted to Audrey's message with these questions and issues.

The following comment sums it up well:

OR how about single women enjoy the single life without making marriage the end goal?

Fall in love multiple times, learn, grow, find out what you don't like and what you do, have fun, experience new things, have a LIFE that does not revolve around marriage and kids.

I feel bad for women like you who don't seem to have any other identity besides a wife and a mother. Don't put that onto other women just because it's what you wanted.

auds weird advice

Audrey likely does mean well by offering up this advice.

As others have noted in the past, however, she's only been married for five years.

Is she really in a position to be giving such broad advice to all "single ladies," as Audrey herself writes in this controversial caption?

Should she really be telling anyone how to lock in a godly husband?

Tell Us More!

Jeremy and Audrey are parents to an adorable two-year old named Ember.

They are expecting a son in early January and, like we previously said, they appear to be very content with each other -- which is fanastic!

We aren't judging their relationship at all, merely whether Audrey should be dishing out advice to others based purely on her own belief system.

"I love growing with you, working with you, playing with you, learning with you, dreaming with you, adventuring with you, and I love loving you," Audrey wrote to her husband a month ago, adding:

"I’m so honored to live this life alongside you. I’m inspired by who you are and who you are becoming and so grateful that you’re my best friend."

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