Jessa Duggar Issues Threat to Kids: Things Are Gonna Start Changing Around Here!

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Jessa Duggar has been keeping a pretty low profile in recent months.

In fact over the summer, Jessa disappeared from social media for so long fans that fans began to worry she'd decided to step away from the spotlight for good.

Jessa Duggar Holds Son

Of course, this was around the time that Jessa welcomed her third child, and it now appears that she took a break from the public eye simply to focus on life in her increasingly hectic household.

Fortunately, it seems things have settled down a bit in the Seewald home.

Not only is Jessa back on social media, she's launching a new venture as a family food vlogger.

The mother of three teased her new project by posting this short clip on Instagram earlier this week.

"You boys will be making breakfast for the whole family," Jessa teases in the clip.

Some fans pointed out that that's more of firm tone than we're accustomed to hearing from Duggar moms, as discipline is typically left up to the dads.

But we're pretty sure Jessa was just joking.

Of course, the Duggars food choices have long been a subject of discussion among fans, and not because of their refined palettes or vaunted culinary abilities.

No, simply put, the Duggars have been known to put together some truly nauseating meals.

So fans were a little caught off guard when Jessa decided to start offering her opinions on home cooking.

But as you can tell from the video above, she seems pretty serious about this venture.

Is she really just trying to lend some assistance to fellow moms of picky eaters, or is this a money-making venture in the making?

Jessa Duggar on her dramatic delivery!

Jessa's a Duggar, so you can probably figure out the answer to that question on your own.

We're not saying the entire family is obsessed with financial gain, but ... come to think of it, that's exactly what we're saying.

Hell, one of the reasons that the Dillards have been exiled from the rest of the tribe is the fact that Derick is working as a Grubhub driver after getting fired by TLC.

One of Jim Bob's top rules is that men need to be earning at all times, and women should pitch in so long as it doesn't interfere with making babies.

So you can be sure JB approves of Jessa's latest project -- especially since her way of making money from food is sure to be much more effective than Derick's.

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