Ben Seewald Opens Up About Yet Another Tragic Loss For the Duggar Family

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2019 was then year of the Duggar baby boom which saw the TV family welcome a number of new additions.

Sadly, it was also a year that was marked by loss.

Duggar Family Baby Bump Group

Several deaths rocked the extended Duggar family and transformed what should have been a time of untempered joy into a period of great mourning

The most noted of these was the death of Mary Duggar -- Jim Bob's mother who died by drowning -- but that wasn't the only loss the family experienced in recent months.

Back in July, a relative of Amy Duggar's died in a car accident that had Josh's wife in a state of mourning throughout much of her most recent pregnancy.

Now, Ben Seewald and his wife, Jessa Duggar, are the latest to be touched by loss.

Ben's Grandpa 2

Ben posted the above photo on Twitter over the weekend.

His caption identified the man in the image as his late grandfather.

"Thankful to have had time together over Thanksgiving," Seewald wrote.

"Special moments. We love you, Grandpa."

Ben Seewald, Sons

"You are missed but I believe we will meet again before long, both of us in perfect health and sing together the praise of Christ, who died to cleanse us of our sins reconcile us to God.

The Seewald family also issued its own statement -- one written by Ben's father, Michael Seewald.

"My wife lost her father yesterday. I covet your prayers for the family in this time of sorrow," their statement read.

"I want to express my gratitude for his influence in her life. He always wanted the best for his children and he made sacrifices to ensure their success," Michael continued.

Ben's Grandpa 1

"He worked hard to provide a home for them, but from my view, one of the greatest things he did for them was the regular reading of Scripture and the singing of spiritual songs," he added.

"I remember fondly gathering with them around the living room, reading a chapter in the Bible, after which, he would grab his guitar and we would sing Psalms and hymns."

Very little information about Grandpa Eaton has been released to the public, but it's plain to see he was deeply loved.

Our thoughts go out to the Seewald family during this difficult time.

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