Anna Duggar Shares Moving Tribute to Young Family Member Killed In Car Crash

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Last week, we reported on the sad news of yet another tragic loss within the Duggar family.

On October 2, Rebecca Waller was killed instantly when she ran a red light and was struck by two cars near her home in rural Minnesota.

Rebecca Waller

She was just 22 years old.

Rebecca was the sister of David Waller, who is married to Anna's sister, Priscilla.

Though there were several degrees of separation and a distance of many miles between them, Anna and Rebecca reportedly enjoyed a close bond,

As David wrote in his loving tribute to his departed sister, Anna's family is an exceptionally close-knit clan.

Rebecca Waller Image

And it seems the loss of such a young life in such a senseless accident created a shockwave of grief that resonated throughout the Waller and Duggar families.

This week, Anna became the latest member of her extended family to honor Rebecca's memory on social media.

She posted the above photo of her beloved relative along with a heartfelt caption:

"Life is a precious gift and sometimes it seems MUCH too short," Anna wrote.

"We were heartbroken when Rebecca Waller (my brother-in-law, David Waller’s youngest sister) passed away suddenly in a tragic car accident this week."

Anna Duggar is Stuck with Josh

"The memories our family made with Becca over the years will be cherished forever!" Anna continued.

"She lived her 22 years of life (though so short) to the fullest.

"Rebecca loved God and served others diligently, she was energetic, gave the best hugs, and was a blessing to everyone who knew her!" she concluded.

The loss could not have come at a more difficult time for Anna.

Anna Duggar Weight Loss Photo

Currently pregnant with her sixth child, Anna has been forced to cope with two unexpected deaths in the span of just four months.

Back in June, Jim Bob's mother, Mary Duggar, passed away in a freak drowning accident.

While she was also was not an immediate family member, Anna had formed a close bond with Mary in the years since she married into the Duggar clan.

Needless to say, Anna's current pregnancy has not been an easy one from an emotional standpoint.

Though these recent losses may have led her to an even deeper appreciation for the time she's able to spend with her loved ones.

Our thoughts go out to all of Rebecca's friends and family at this difficult time.

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