Ronnie Magro BLASTS JWoww: What a Selfish Narcissist!!

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There's an old saying that states one should never go to bed angry.

But the cast of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation didn't merely ignore this advice last Thursday night ...

... they laughed in its face, going to bed absolutely irate after an epic argument between JWoww and Angelina that also left Snooki a crying mess after she was dragged into the drama.


Where did things pick up on the latest episode?

The morning after this ugliness, with Angelina Pivarnick actually able to have a civil and sober conversation with Jenni, which is what Deena Cortese had been pushing for all along.

JWoww told Angelina that her now-ex-boyfriend, Zack Clayton Carpinello, told her that Angelina kissed him when they were all at Drai's Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Zack Carpinello, Angelina Pivarnick

You remember that whole controversy, right? As summarized by the above image?

Jenni ended up dumping Zack after she watched how much he flirted with Angelina on air - but at the time these episodes were filmed, she believed Angelina welcomed/encouraged the interaction.

Angelina was confused, absolutely swearing to Jenni that she did no such thing.

Zack Carpinello Drunk

Jenni also said Zack explained to her that his alleged "grab" of Angelina's butt was a mere arm-around-the-waist situation that took place while he had his other arm around Jenni.

JWoww said she didn't care about the touching as much as she did about the spit-swap.

Angelina listened carefully and apologized. And then did Jenni did the same for going into defensive mom mode.

Angelina Pivarnick on MTV's Jersey Shore

Eventually, the two agreed to wait until the footage aired to get to the bottom of what really went down, even hugging it out in front of the camera last night.

(Editor's Note: As mentioned previously, Jenni did see this footage a few weeks ago when it aired and immediately dumped Zack.

"One thing I learned from tonight’s episode is know your value. Don’t ever lower your standards," she wrote on Instagram at the time.)

nice jwoww

Elsewhere, after Snooki and Angelina also made up, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro got angry. We know. Not a huge surprise there.

In this case, he was livid that Jenni dragged him into her issues with Angelina the evening before, prompting him to vent to Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly D.

"That's what girls do," Ronnie fumed.

Ronnie Looks Ponderous

"They're like like Crock-Pots. They let shit slow and marinate, and f-cking eight hours later, shit wants to be ready. Guys are like microwaves."

"I wasn't speaking against her, I wasn't saying anything bad; I was just speaking the truth, just like she says she does, and she took offense to it."

"That's what it is. If you can't take it then don't dish it."

Vinny G and Pauly D Wait Nervously

While Vinny agreed Jenni's remarks were unnecessary and poorly timed, he reminded Ronnie that they've always had a "love-hate, brother-sister" relationship.

"Yeah, but it's just kind of like, how many times are you gonna have the same conversation with the same person?" Ron fired back.

When Vinny asked if they could "still be cool," Ronnie said yes.


"What am I gonna do?" he said in defeat. "I'm gonna argue with a narcissistic person that always thinks she's right?"

"If I wanted to do that, I would argue with somebody on Instagram in my comments."

This said, Ronnie then went into his confessional...  and continued to blast JWoww.

ron vs. jwoww

"She's the person that never does wrong. Everybody's always wrong. When something happens, it's because of something, it's because of someone else," he vented.

"It's kind of like, you maybe need to grow up and realize that it's not about changing other people or changing your environment; it's about changing yourself.

"But that's your own shit you gotta figure out," he added. "I'm not f-cking Dr. Phil. You can't afford me."

JWoww Drunk

In closing, Jenni engaged in an honest conversation with Nicole about her divorce from Roger Mathews.

Although she was happy with Zack - again, at the time of this filming - she was still sad over the demise of her marriage.

"We were talking about regrets earlier, and I've been thinking about the biggest one," she said to Nicole, who blurted out, "Roger. He's the f-cking worst. But you always knew it wasn't right."

"Yup," JWoww responded.

Roger Mathews and Jenni Farley Back in the Day

Snooki then reminded her that that marriage bought her her two beautiful children, which did bring Jenni some solace.

"They're my bliss... as I'm suffering," she said.

"I'm going through it with the divorce," JWoww added in a later confessional.

Jenni and Roger Throwback

She was as raw as ever talking about the subject, concluding:

"It's been like almost a year since I filed."

"When you get a divorce, you're supposed to be celebrating and like start a new chapter, but it's really heartbreaking. And it's stressful, the up-and-down battle of figuring out custody issues.

"I just don't know when it gets better. It's more than exhausting; it can like mentally break someone. I just want peace."

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