Jen Harley: Ronnie Threatened to Flat-Out MURDER Me!

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New details have emerged in regard to the recent arrest of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

And they paint an even darker picture of the Jersey Shore star than before.

Why does Jen Harley have a restraining order against her baby daddy?

Why can Ronnie not go anywhere near his 18-month old daughter, Ariana?

What are the details behind this disturbing incident?

Scroll down for the latest...

1. Things Look Very Bad for Ronnie

Things Look Very Bad for Ronnie
The veteran reality star was arrested for assault early on the morning of October 4 after an argument between him and Harley turned physical.

2. That's Awful. What Happened?

That's Awful. What Happened?
At one point, Harley allegedly made a run for it, escaping the Los Angeles home she and Ronnie were renting... with toddler daughter Ariana in her arms.

3. What Was She Trying to Do?

What Was She Trying to Do?
There's surveillance footage of Harley seemingly trying to hide Ariana in a car trunk... or maybe leave her with a neighbor. Anything to get her away from Ronnie.


We know, right? According to the police report (i.e. from Harley), Ronnie ran after her and took Ariana out of Jen's arms. He then went back inside the home and locked the door.

5. This is When the Police Were Called

This is When the Police Were Called
Upon their arrival, however, Ronnie refused to let the cops in, forcing them to break down the front door.

6. YIKES, Take Two

YIKES, Take Two
That wasn't even the end of it. Ronnie was so out of control that the police had to actually tase him and handcuff him to a gurney. There are photos out there of a shirtless Ronnie being wheeled away by authorities.

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