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Last week, fans and critics alike were stunned by the news that Josh Duggar’s home had been raided by the FBI.

That account later proved to be inaccurate, but there’s still reason to believe that reality TV’s most wholesome family is in major trouble with the federal government.

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It was later revealed that the Duggars were raided by Homeland Security agents, and that the target of the investigation was Josh’s home, not his business.

This could mean that Josh is suspected of hiring undocumented workers or even that he’s being investigated for involvement in something as serious as human trafficking.

Of course, a week has gone by with no arrests, so it’s equally possible that the agency was responding to a false tip or has decided not to press charges against Josh.

Whatever the case, the situation seems to have driven an even deeper wedge between Josh and his father, Jim Bob Duggar.

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According to Radar Online, the Duggars attempted to send the message that all is well over the weekend by taking a trip to Silver Dollar City Theme Park in Branson, Missouri.

If you’re not familiar with Silver Dollar City, imagine a family attraction for folks who find Disney World just a little too edgy.

Despite their presence in the wholesome-est place on Earth, it seems Jim Bob and Josh were unable to temporarily set aside their differences for appearance’s sake.

Sources tell Radar that the father and son kept their distance from one another throughout the trip and did not appear to exchange even a single word.

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“They seemed like they were trying to distance themselves,” one onlooker said.

“We saw Jana off with a female friend, Josh and Anna were by themselves watching their kids go on rides, and then Jim Bob and Michelle were on their own with a little one too.”

Wow. You know you’re at the very top of JB’s sh-t list when he’s more pissed off at you than he is about the idea of Jana being alone with a female friend.

The witness goes on to say that Josh and wife Anna Duggar physically stayed away from the rest of the family for much of the trip:

“Josh and Anna were sitting on the ground out of the way of the kids area. They were only with their children,” the source said.

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“Josh was kind of spaced out, watching his kids run from ride to ride,” the witness added.

“Josh was never with Michelle and Jim Bob from what I noticed.”

Obviously, we’d like to think that Josh is facing a federal indictment, and that’s why he sat staring off into space while the rest of the family had fun.

But it’s worth noting that the trip was probably filmed for Counting On, and since Josh isn’t allowed on camera, he might have been forced to keep his distance for practical reasons.

That’s still funny, obviously, but not nearly as funny as the idea of Josh going to prison.