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When fans who watch Counting On online saw Jinger Duggar marry Jeremy Vuolo, they did not see persona non grata Josh Duggar.

That was by design, and for obvious reasons. But now we now know just how hard TLC tried to keep his polarizing mug off camera.

It’s not clear if there’s an official policy or not, but producers have decided that Josh cannot be featured on the Duggar family show.

He is, however, still part of a family in which weddings happen at a breakneck pace, meaning TLC must get creative to hide the child molester.

And creative they were, walking this fine line remarkably.

In the photos below, you can see how editors angled sun glare to block Josh as he stood behind Jinger Duggar as she exited the church.

The producers also appear to have shot Jinger and Jeremy’s departure multiple times, perhaps to further nix scenes that Josh sneaked in.

Inside the church, he was concealed by ducking down, holding a child in front of his face, or by positioning him behind other humans.

It’s rather extensive and hilarious. Check out the photos.