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It’s been an interesting week for reality TV’s most famous fundamentalists.

Following the unexpected rumors online that maligned first-born Josh Duggar’s home had been raided by the FBI, new details poured in that painted a slightly different picture.

Fans soon learned that Josh’s home had not been raided, but that his parents’ house, the so-called Duggar compound in Arkansas, had been stormed by Homeland Security.

It seemed too bizarre to be true, but it looks like it is, at least in part.

A number of reputable media outlets are covering the story, the feds have commented on it, and it sure looks as though the Duggars really are under some sort of investigation.

According to new details published by celebrity news sites TMZ and The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the family may very well be in some legal hot water – Josh in particular.

Here’s what we know so far – and what surprises we’ve uncovered.