David Eason: Jenelle Evans Stole My Dog!

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When we first found out that Jenelle Evans had filed for divorce from David Eason, we figured the situation would eventually turn ugly.

We just had no idea things would get this bad this quickly.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in NY

In the past 24 hours, both parties have contacted police to report the other one's activities.

The big difference, of course, is that Jenelle's reports are legitimate, while David's are petty and foolish.

Evans has been granted a restraining order against Eason, and insiders say the judge in her case took action quickly after she proved to the court that David had recently behaved in an abusive fashion.

"The restraining order was granted because Jenelle was able to show proof [to the judge] that abuse had occurred,” a source close to the situation tells The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

David Eason, Wife

“Now that David’s been served, she can begin the divorce proceedings.” 

The insider adds that Jenelle and her kids have taken up temporary residence in a different state for their safety.

“Jenelle is in hiding,” the source says.

“She has no plans to return to The Land. She has left the state and does not plan to come back to North Carolina for her stuff or anything. The kids are with her.”

je v de 1

As you can see, Eason responded to this news in typically childish fashion.

First, he filed a missing person report about Jenelle.

We're guessing the cops didn't respond the way he wanted them to, as Jenelle is not missing, but is instead hiding from her abusive husband.

When that tactic failed, David further wasted the time of local police by claiming that his dog had been stolen.

Actually Dressed Up

As you probably recall, the downward spiral that eventually led to Jenelle and David's separation began back in May, when he shot and killed her dog, a French bulldog puppy named Nugget.

Shockingly, the couple picked up two new dogs just months later, and now, one of them has gone missing.

It's unclear if David has explicitly accused Jenelle of stealing the animal, but considering he filed the report on the same day he reported Jenelle missing, we're guessing he suggested that their may be a link between the two occurences.

The Easons live on a rural expanse surrounded by woods; David is a known dog-killer; and Jenelle is currently living in a different state.

David with Nugget

So if a dog really disappeared from the property, the most likely explanation is not that Jenelle snuck onto The Land late at night and stuffed the pooch in a duffel bag.

But this story is interesting as an example of just how petty and hostile this situation will likely continue to be.

Insiders say Jenelle has cut David off financially, and he's resorted to asking local gas stations to sell his knives and other crafts in order to make ends meet.

Currently, Eason is alone, impoverished, and likely very bored on the vast property that he and Jenelle used to share.

That's a dangerous combo, and it's a very good thing that Evans and the kids are currently in a different state.

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