Jenelle Evans Fled With the Kids, Cut David Eason Off Financially

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Divorce is always a sad thing, particularly when there are children involved.

But it's hard not to take a little pleasure in seeing someone as awful as David Eason get his comeuppance.

As you've probably heard by now, Jenelle Evans has filed for divorce from David.

There are rumors that it's all just a scam designed to help Evans get her job back, but if that's the case, the former couple is really committed to the bit.

And based on the latest intel regarding this messy separation, Jenelle is also committed to making David suffer.

Take a look:

1. The Ex Files

The Ex Files
Jenelle and David were always the least-popular couple in the Teen Mom universe. But their reputation really took a nosedive in May of this year.

2. Human Trash

Human Trash
That's when David beat, shot and killed Jenelle's puppy, Nugget, while his children were at home.

3. Jenelle's Hell

Jenelle's Hell
Jenelle helped David hide his crime from police -- a move that didn't sit well with fans, or with MTV execs, who swiftly fired Evans from Teen Mom 2.

4. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
That set off a domino effect, and in time, Evans was left with virtually nothing. The dog slaying prompted a CPS investigation that caused Jenelle and David to lose custody of their children.

5. Financial Ruin

Financial Ruin
But what really tore the Easons apart was the economic ruin brought about by the loss of Jenelle's job. Sources say the former couple is massively in debt, and their efforts at bringing in income proved fruitless.

6. The Latest

The Latest
We now know that Jenelle left David under cover of night. And her first order of business as a free woman was trying to rebuild her career.

7. Big City Teen Mom

Big City Teen Mom
Evans flew to New York and met with MTV execs. It's unclear if she'll be able to earn back her spot on the show, but insiders say producers expressed interest in working out some sort of deal.

8. Back Down South

Back Down South
These days, Jenelle is back on her side of the Mason-Dixon line -- but she hasn't returned to The Land. In fact, she's not even in North Carolina.

9. A New Start

A New Start
According to TMZ, Evans has taken her three kids and temporarily relocated to Tennessee. What's in Tennessee? No one knows for sure, but apparently Jenelle feels safe there.

10. The Ensley Factor

The Ensley Factor
Jenelle and David both have several kids with from previous relationships, but 2-year-old Ensley is their only child together.

11. One Mad Dad

One Mad Dad
David has reportedly not seen his youngest daughter since Jenelle's late-night flight. Knowing what we know about the guy's temperament, it's safe to assume he's royally pissed.

12. The Inevitable Tantrum

The Inevitable Tantrum
Actually, we don't need to assume anything, as David has made his feelings abundantly clear on social media. Take this comment in which he blasts Jenelle as "stupid."

13. We Knew This Was Coming

We Knew This Was Coming
Or this one, in which he attempts to remind the world of what an unfit mother Evans is. (As if we didn't know.)

14. The Real Issue

The Real Issue
Of course, as much as David is fuming over the fact that Jenelle has crossed state lines with his daughter, it seems the thing that's got him really pissed off these days is his financial situation.

15. You Love To See It

You Love To See It
Locals who claim to have inside knowledge of the situation say David has made no secret of the fact that he's flat-broke after being cut off by Jenelle.

16. Desperate Times

Desperate Times
In fact, it seems David has been trying to sell his homemade goods to local businesses. Thus far, it seems he hasn't had much luck.

17. Oh, the Hilarity

Oh, the Hilarity
As you may recall, David makes rinky-dink crafts, which he attempts to sell online. Now, it seems these crappy goods are his sole means of supporting himself.

18. The Sponge

The Sponge
As you may recall, David was fired from Teen Mom 2 way back in February of 2018 when producers learned he had been hurling bigoted slurs at fans of the show on social media.

19. The Good Life

The Good Life
He hasn't worked since. And with Jenelle earning a reported $400,000 a season for her work on Teen Mom 2, he apparently felt that he didn't have to.

20. Wrong!

Jenelle provided David with seed money to launch various business ventures, but none of them were successful, and he hasn't brought in any real income in nearly 2 years.

21. No Fall-Back

No Fall-Back
Unlike so many other washed-up reality stars, David can't even post sponsored content for cash, as he's not well-liked, and frankly, he was never that famous.

22. Just Awful

Again, normally, we would not take pleasure in such a desperate situation, but let's not forget that David is a serial abuser and an unapologetic bigot.

23. Uncharacteristic Restraint

Uncharacteristic Restraint
To her credit, Jenelle has remained relatively quiet on social media throughout all of this.

24. Breaking the News

Breaking the News
After announcing the split on social media last week, Jenelle has declined to discuss it further, likely for legal reasons.

25. The Coming War

The Coming War
Unfortunately, she may not have any say in the matter for much longer.

26. A Cornered Animal

A Cornered Animal
At this point, the only thing David has that's of any value is information. And it's likely only a matter of time before he starts selling stories to which Jenelle will be forced to respond.

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