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When Jenelle Evans filed for divorce from David Eason, she took the necessary steps to ensure that she and her children would be safe from harm.

The Teen Mom 2 terror was granted a restraining order against David shortly after she fled the property they once shared and relocated to Tennessee.

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Unfortunately, the restraining order was only temporary, and Jenelle had to face David in court this week in order to have it extended.

The good news is, the judge extended Jenelle’s restraining order by two weeks.

The bad news is, David is obviously very upset about the decision, and he’s still capable of menacing her on social media.

David made the nine-hour drive from Riegelwood, NC to Nashville for the hearing, and it seems he decided to see the town a bit after his day in court.

He wound up in a bar (of course), where he posted a video to Snapchat that some of his followers interpreted as a veiled threat against Jenelle.

In the since-deleted clip, David seems to zoom in on a decorative pistol on the wall of the bar.

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"Showing he’s at her new stomping ground and definitely zooming in on the gun. He’s f–cking crazy." one commenter wrote.

"I can’t be the only one that sees guns where he zooms in?" echoed another.

A source present in the courtroom confirmed to Radar that David and Jenelle did indeed square off in court, and Eason was not happy with the outcome.

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"The parties were in court yesterday,” a clerk exclusively told the outlet.

“Her lawyer asked for a continuance.” According to the clerk, Jenelle’s lawyer possibly asked for a continuance to have time to get witnesses to testify against David.

“The order will be in place until the hearing in a few weeks,” the clerk added.

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It may seem strange that David would be so upset.

Why would he care so much about a restraining order when he’s obviously not on good terms with Jenelle whatsoever?

Things may be more complicated than that. It seems there are two clauses in the document that have David really upset.

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First and foremost, he’s temporarily prohibited from even visiting Ensley, his 2-year-old daughter by Jenelle.

That restriction will likely be lifted at the next hearing, even if David is still prohibited from contacting Jenelle.

But regardless of whether that happens, there’s another clause that likely has David even more upset.

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"You will not be able to have a firearm while this or any later protective order is in effect," reads the document he received after Jenelle’s initial request was granted.

"You will have to transfer all firearms in your possession within 48 hours to any person who is legally allowed to have them."

"You will not be allowed to buy a firearm until the court says otherwise.”

In other words, David lost his beloved guns.

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Not only is he barred from purchasing additional firearms, Eason was apprently forced to surrender the ones he has.

We have no way of knowing if he complied with that request, but he’s facing major legal repercussions if he hasn’t.

We have no way of knowing if he cares either way.

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Whatever the case, David has been quite vocal over the years about his love for his guns and killing things. Er, hunting.

In the context of this week’s ruling, those who are interpreting David’s video as a threat don’t seem quite so paranoid.

Stay tuned.