Jenelle Evans Faces David Eason For First Time Since Separation as Court Battle Commences In Her New Home State

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It's been nearly one month since Jenelle Evans filed for divorce from David Eason.

Jenelle filed the papers from the safety of a remote location, rightly fearing that David might exact some kind of revenge if she did so while residing on the property they once shared.

Jenelle has been granted a restraining order against David, and that protection under the law might explain why she felt comfortable revealing the location of her new home and squaring off against Eason in court today.

Yes, according to Radar Online, Jenelle and David came face-to-face this afternoon for the first time since their separation in October.

And the meeting marks the beginning of what's sure to be a very messy court battle.

Take a look:

1. A Smart Move

A Smart Move
Prior to this morning, Jenelle Evans hadn't been in the same room with David Eason since she filed for divorce nearly a month ago. She waited until she was in a different state to file papers for fear of retaliation from her ex.

2. Moving On

Moving On
Court officials confirmed today what tabloids have been reporting for weeks -- Jenelle has relocated to Tennessee.

3. Music City Mom

Music City Mom
Two new pieces of information were made public this morning -- Jenelle is living in Nashville, and the move is at least semi-permanent.

4. The Bad Guy Comes to Town

The Bad Guy Comes to Town
According to insiders, David made the trip to Tennessee this afternoon for what's sure to be the first of many court dates.

5. The Battle Begins

The Battle Begins
“He’s in Nashville to fight her in court,” a source told Radar. “She left him without their daughter and with no money.”

6. Dave Without a Dime

Dave Without a Dime
But if David is hoping to squeeze some cash out of Jenelle, it seems he'll have to wait a while longer. The insider says today's hearing was not related to the divorce, and instead pertained to Evans' restraining order against Eason.

7. A Safe Distance

A Safe Distance
Jenelle was granted an order of protection that prohibits David from contacting either her or Ensley, the former couple's 2-year-old daughter.

8. The Next Step

The Next Step
The order was only a temporary measure, however, and Radar's source claims that the goal of today's hearing was to determine if the terms should be made permanent.

9. David the Dad

David the Dad
David was likely present for the hearing so that he could contest the part that bars him from visiting his daughter.

10. This Guy Sucks

This Guy Sucks
When she filed for the restraining order, Jenelle reportedly had no problem proving in court that David had been abusive throughout their relationship.

11. A Permanent Safeguard

A Permanent Safeguard
But if she wants to permanently prevent David from seeing his daughter, Jenelle will have to prove that David presents an immediate danger to Ensley.

12. Dangerous Dave

Dangerous Dave
It sounds like that would be easy, as David's violent and abusive tendencies are well-documented.

13. Ensley In the Middle

Ensley In the Middle
But believe it or not, proving that he's been abusive to Jenelle and her other children might not be enough to keep David away from Ensley.

14. Still Making Things Difficult

Still Making Things Difficult
David could even attempt to prevent Jenelle from moving to moving to Nashville, as he might argue that the distance would make it impossible for him to visit Ensley on a regular basis.

15. A New Start

A New Start
And yes, it sounds as though Jenelle plans to relocate to Tennessee on a permanent basis.

16. Putting Down Roots

Putting Down Roots
“She has moved there,” Radar's insider says. “She is in an apartment there with the children.”

17. Life on the Land

Life on the Land
Nashville is roughly a nine-hour drive from where Riegelwood, North Carolina, where David still lives on the property that he and Jenelle purchased together.

18. The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner
Of course, they only purchased it together in the sense that both of their names are on the deed. It was Jenelle who made the mortgage payments.

19. The Lyin' Easons

The Lyin' Easons
Jenelle and David previously claimed that the property had been paid off, but given the couple's shaky relationship with the truth, it shouldn't come as much of a shock that that doesn't appear to be the case.

20. Living the Frugal Life

Living the Frugal Life
With no job and no prospects, it's unclear how David intends to pay for The Land, but it seems he has no intention of leaving.

21. The Master Craftsman

The Master Craftsman
In recent weeks, David has been (barely) making ends meet by selling his homemade crafts on Facebook.

22. Man With a Plan

Man With a Plan
Going forward, of course, he plans to try and squeeze Jenelle for everything she's worth.

23. He Really Wants Sympathy?

He Really Wants Sympathy?
One insider tells Radar that David has been “complaining that Jenelle left him with no money.”

24. The Worst

The Worst
Of course, this same source says that David insists he “never abused her," so either the informant is lying or David is.

25. The Outcome

The Outcome
It's unclear how the judge decided in court today, but one thing is for sure -- this is just the beginning of what's sure to be an all-out war.

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