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It’s been made official:

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is in trouble with the law.

Big trouble.


This may seem like an obvious statement, given that Ronnie was arrested early on the morning of October 4 after he allegedly threatened the life of Jen Harley and allegedly kidnapped the couple’s daughter.

But this arrest was only the first step.

Someone can get arrested by the police and then an attorney’s office can decide not to prosecute the arrested individual, meaning this person would be set free.

Photo via MTV

In Ronnie’s case, however, the Los Angeles City Attorney has chosen to file a total of SEVEN misdemeanors against the Jersey Shore cast member. 

They are:

  1. One count of domestic violence.
  2. One count of brandishing a weapon.
  3. One count of child endangerment.
  4. One count of resisting arrest.
  5. Another count of resisting arrest.
  6. One count of willful and unlawful criminal threats.
  7. One count of false imprisonment.


Photo via MTV

Not sure about you all, but we’re wondering how can the brandishment of a weapon, or the endangering of a child, be considered a mere misdemeanor offense.

That’s the legal system for you.

As has been well-documented by now, Ronnie was arrested three weeks ago on suspicion of felony domestic violence and kidnapping of his 18-month-old daughter, Ariana.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro with the Stare

According to the penal codes, Ronnie, 33, has been accused of “drawing or exhibiting a deadly weapon or a firearm” or “using a deadly weapon in a fight” during his dispute his ex.

He’s also alleged to have “assaulted the child by means of force that to a reasonable person would be likely to produce great bodily injury.”

In other words, greatly endangering his own defenseless kid.

Hug for Harley
Photo via Instagram

Specifically, Ron is accused of hitting Harley and then chasing her with a knife at an Airbnb in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department told Us Weekly later that day that Ortiz-Magro was “uncooperative” with officers who “had to use a taser” while taking him into custody.

LAPD also confirmed that there was “a child at the location,” but “the child was not harmed."

Jen Harley and Ron Ron
Photo via Instagram

A judge proceeded to grant Harley a seven-day order of protection against Ronnie – but, once it expired, he was permitted to spend time once again with his child.

And this is exactly what Ronnie has been doing.

Harley seemed to have suffered some ugly bruises and scrapes from the fight with Ronnie … and there are photos of the injuries, along with a neighbor’s surveillance footage of Jen appearing to try to hide on the morning in question, looking very frightened.

Shore Stars
Photo via Instagram

We have to assume this will be used against Ronnie in his pending legal battle.

Ronnie has not spoken directly on the allegations, but anonymous sources close to the star have claimed that Ortiz-Magro was actually in the right. 

These sources deny that Ronnie was ever wielding a knife or that he inflicted any injuries on Harley, alleging instead that he was merely trying to protect his daughter from her drunken mother.

Ronnie and Jen on the Beach
Photo via Instagram

That actually does seem plausible, based on Jen’s own violent history, which can’t be ignored, yet we’re not exactly buying it.

Nor are we going to try to despicably blame the victim like effing Snooki when she called out Jen for "showing off" her injuries. 

Anyway, it’s quite unclear what happens from here.

Ronnie with Ariana
Photo via Instagram

Ronnie is likely due in court on many future occasions in order to enter various pleas and learn various pieces of information.

Will MTV fire him from Jersey Shore? Will he spend any time behind bars? Is his romance with Harley finally over?

For good? Once and for all? All we can say for certain right now is that this story is far from over.