Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Spends Peaceful Time with Daughter, Remains Mum on Arrest

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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is doing all he can these days to prove he isn't a menace to society.

Or, more specifically, to his very young daughter, Ariana.

Whether or not anyone will actually believe this? That's up to the general population as a whole.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro as a Dad

As Jersey Shore fans likely know well by now, Ronnie was arrested very early on the morning of October 4 because he allegedly held a knife to the throat of his girlfriend, Jen Harley.

She was reportedly holding the violent couple's child in her hands at the time, only to surrender Ariana at Ronnie's weapon-based request and for Ronnie to then run back inside the house and barracade himself inside.

Police were then called.

They knocked down the front door.

And they subdued Ronnie with a taser prior to handcuffing him to a gurney and wheeling him away.

Really scary and disturbing stuff.

Jen Harley and Ron Ron

The authorities have since dropped a kidnapping charge against Ronnie for his alleged actions, although he could still be prosecuted for domestic violence.

In the meantime, however, a temporary restraining order against the reality star has been lifted, which means he can spend time with his year-and-a-half old daughter.

This is exactly what Ronnie did a week ago, Disneyland style, and it's also what he just did this past weekend.

On Sunday, Ronnie posted several photos from a trip he took to a pumpkin patch with Ariana, trying to come across as a very normal  and responsible dad in the process.


From a train ride to a petting zoo, the Jersey Shore cast member documented his day with his toddler on social media.

The little one wore a bunny shirt, jeans and an aqua bow.

Ronnie, for his part, rocked a baseball cap and also a smile any time he appeared in front of the camera.

He has not yet spoken out on his arrest or on his future with Harley, despite all the VERY clear indications that these two are so not meant for each other.

Like, not at all.


We've heard Ronnie and Harley are over for good, but the former spoke to Us Weekly as an event in Wesy Hollywood mere hours before he supposedly got high on cocaine and then went on the attack.

“I’m sure, eventually [I’ll have more kids],” Ronnie said at the time, adding:

“But I just want to spoil [Ariana] and let her go crazy and then we’ll see what happens. Jen has an older son, so [Ariana] has an older brother that she can have a relationship with.”

For the love of God, Ronnie, do not have any more children.

Or any pets.

Never be in charge of the well-being of any other creature ever agai, okay??? Please.

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