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Folks, the Ronnie Magro-Jen Harley situation is getting uglier by the day.

By the minute, really.

Hug for Harley
Photo via Instagram

Earlier this week, we speculated that the latest allegations against Magro might result in Ronnie being fired from Jersey Shore.

Now, it looks as though they could mean the end of the entire franchise.

As you’ve probably heard by now, Magro was tased and arrested earlier this week after allegedly attacking Harley and threatening her with a knife inside the Los Angeles Airbnb where the couple was staying.

The severity of the incident was immediately apparent from police reports.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Smooch
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And in case there was any doubt, photos of Harley’s injuries – taken while she was eating at a restaurant with her daughter just two days after the incident – served to underscore the extent of the violence she had endured.

It’s hard to imagine anyone reacting to the bruises and scrapes on Jen’s limbs with anything other than sympathy for the victim and disgust for her assailant.

But apparently, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is still firmly on Team Ronnie.

Snooki, Ronnie, Jen

Don’t take our word for it. She made her feelings abundantly clear while speaking with Mike Sorrentino on her podcast this week:

“I feel like she went out intentionally to get a photo of her,” she told Sitch.

“You don’t have to be wearing a tank top, showing your bruises and the bruise on your leg. She’s wearing booty shorts to show it off.”

Yeah, that’s a pretty awful thing to say.

Snooki on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
Photo via MTV

And unfortunately, Polizzi went on from there:

“You can go out with your daughter and have lunch, but cover those up so it’s not a thing,” she continued.

“She wants it to be a thing," Snook reiterated.

"She wants to show off her bruises.”


Jen H.
Photo via MTV

Look, we don’t need to tell you that Jen Harley is no angel, but surely she deserves more compassion and respect than this.

What is Polizzi suggesting, exactly? That an alleged victim likes attention? Or should cover up bruises for Ronnie’s benefit?

That’s some victim-shaming bulls–t, and while we might have expected as much from 2009 Snooki, this is 2019 now.

Jen and Ronnie, Out and About
Photo via Instagram

“We don’t know how she got the bruises,” Snooki doubled down, implicitly expressing her skepticism of Jen’s abuse claims.

The Situation, who was released from prison just last month, was far more thoughtful in his remarks regarding Magro:

“He’s not answering texts. I’ve been texting him for days,” Mike said of his efforts to get in touch with Ronnie.

Jen Harley and Ron Ron
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“I told him wake the f–k up and call me. He didn’t answer back. I went with a softer approach. He didn’t answer either.”

Mike added, without pointing any fingers:

“I pray for him, Jen, the baby. His future.”

Kudos to Mike for the diplomatic reply.

Obviously, Ron has his side of the story (below) and is innocent until proven guilty. But trashing Jen is a low, low blow.

Earlier this year, Ronnie revealed that he got sober with Sorrentino’s help, but it appears he’s since fallen off the wagon.

Sounds like Ron could use more friends like Mike in his life and fewer enablers / ridiculous defenders like Snooki.