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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley have broken up.

No, really, we swear to you. The violent and unhappy reality stars have ended their relationship after about a year and a half.

Jen and Ronnie, Out and About
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What? Why are you rolling your eyes over there? Why are you shaking your head and refusing to believe this statement?

Because you’ve heard this about 79 times in the past and then by the time you checked your phone a few hours later and the effed up couple was back together again?

Oh. Fair enough. That does make sense.

Hug for Harley
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This time feels different, however.

After all, Ronnie was just arrested not just for allegedly assaulting Harley in Los Angeles, but for allegedly kidnapping the twosome’s 18-month old daughter.

That’ll put a damper on a relationship.

You’ve likely heard the story by now, but just as a quick refresher… Ronnie and Jen got into a huge argument early on the morning of October 4.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Smooch
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According to Harley, she grabbed little Ariana in her arms and made a run for it, desperately trying to hide the little girl from her cocaine-fueled father.

But Ronnie caught up to them; threatened Harley with a knife; took Ariana back inside their rented home; refused to cooperate with the police; and was eventually subdued by these cops via a taser.

Totally insane, right?

And yet: Not that hard to believe based on the history of these two nut jobs love birds?

Ronnie and Jen on the Beach
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For the record, through an attorney, Ronnie has basically denied these allegations, most specifically the use of a knife.

Days after news of this incident went viral, multiple sources confirmed that Ronnie and Jen have split.

But, as cited above, numerous observers simply assume it’s a mere matter of time until they’re back to making both love and war with one another.

Photo via MTV

Is this an accurate assessment, however?

“It’s just not working. In the past, they’ve both felt they could work it out, but now their tunes have changed,” a source close to Jersey Shore production told Hollywood Life yesterday, adding:

“The fight between them was really, really bad and they both are very unhappy with how things turned out. But, they’ve realized the relationship is too volatile and Ariana can’t be around that.

Ronnie and Daughter
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"They’re taking a lot of space from each other right now while they figure things out, and are trying to keep their baby girl at the forefront.”

That poor baby girl. Let’s hope she never learns how to use Google, you know?

For a week after the arrest, wasn’t legally permitted to go near Harley or Ariana.

But this protective order was lifted on Friday and Ronnie then took his child to Disneyland the very next day (below).

Photo via Instagram

We just hope and pray he really does keep her well-being at the forefront of his mind at all times going forward now. Same for Jen.

“Ron and Jen are done for good,” the Hollywood Life insider reiterated.

“Ariana has been mostly with Jen in Vegas and [Jen and Ronnie] both figuring things out. Ron just bought a house in LA so has been spending most of his time here."

"His Jersey Shore co-stars have been checking in on him daily," the source adds.

"Most of them haven’t felt the best about Jen from the start, so they’re hoping they finally realize it’s time to move on.”

Here’s hoping.