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Even after the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All aired, some of the stars still have more drama — and sometimes, it’s serious.

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee could live in the US, yet returned to South Korea despite a less than ideal living condition.

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This was for a very good reason. In the US, Deavan feared for her safety and that of her children due to one menacing person.

Deavan and Jihoon are one of the couples who are still together.

Compared to some of their castmates, their is an uncomplicated love. Deavan got knocked up on their first night together.

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Though reports say that Deavan is a little frustrated that Jihoon does not have a place for them to live on their own yet, they are back in South Korea.

It turns out that Deavan has been itching to share a very serious story with her fans and viewers.

She and Jihoon opted to live in South Korea because they have no other safe choice.

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"I noticed that the show never showed the reason why I moved," Deavan writes in her Instagram Stories.

"I was waiting for the Tell All," she explains. "But they never showed it."

A number of things filmed, during the season and the Tell All, end up edited out for time or because they don’t fit the storyline.

Deavan acknowledges: "A lot of people are wondering."

Deavan Clegg is Sleepily Amused

Don’t worry – it’s not a mystery any longer. But it’s not an easy thing for her to share.

"Jihoon can realistically move to America at any time," Deavan admits.

Jihoon may not be white, but the majority of the white nationalists in the Trump administration pushing against immigrants of color are somewhat more tolerant of South Koreans.

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"But," she continues. "We decided to move to Korea so that I could be a stay at home mom and raise the children."

Deavan explains: "This wasn’t an option in America until Jihoon could learn English."

"As well," she reveals. "I was in danger."

"And America became very unsafe for me due to a family member," Deavan informs her followers.

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"This family member," she continues. "Tried to kidnap me and steal my car while I was pregnant."

That is horrifying on multiple levels.

"This action is what made us fully decide to move to Korea," Deavan explains.

The relative — reportedly her deranged aunt — would have a harder time surprising her overseas. Any yahoo can drive over state lines.

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"My family member is a dangerous person," Deavan adds.

"So," she reasons. "I’ll be in Korea for a long time."

Why not simply pursue criminal charges and get this dangerous lunatic locked away?

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"Because," Deavan concludes. "For some reason they keep letting her out of jail."

Well, if she had to move to another country to feel safe, that’s a pretty damning indictment of our justice system.

We would like to express our sincere hope that Deavan and her beautiful family remain completely safe.

It is also our hope that she and Jihoon will one day feel comfortable in the United States, despite the existence of this crazed maniac.

Everyone deserves to both be and feel reasonably safe living their lives.

But we won’t question that Deavan made the right choice to protect her two kids. Better safe than forever sorry.