Kody Brown Tweets Rare Selfie, Gets All Defensive of His Hair

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Kody Brown has said very little when it comes to various scandals and issues surrounding Sister Wives.

When will the show return? No comment from Kody.

Is he really searching for a fifth wife? No comment from Kody.

Might Meri be walking away from their spiritual marriage? No comment from Kody.

Kody Brown Selfie

For the lead of a wildly popular, long-running reality series, Brown is actually pretty quiet most of the time and sort of mysterious overall.

Unless the topic turns to his hair.

Brown took the unusual step this week of posting a selfie, doing so in response to some criticism over his rather unique hairstyle.

As any veteran Sister Wives viewer is most certainly aware of, the guy has often gone with what is known as a "man bun" and, well, the feedback has not always been so positive.

Now, however, Kody is rocking a different style -- and getting might defensive over what folks are saying online about it.

Kody and Janelle Brown Together

“The evolution of Kody Brown’s rat trap … has it gone from bad to worse or worse to good. I just don’t know anymore!” wrote one Twitter user recently, prompting the Sister Wives patriarch to hop online in sort of bitter response.

“Happy?” he wrote alongside a selfie featuring his long hair.

This marked the first time the reality star tweeted something that wasn’t a retweet in months.

Kody Brown selfie

The main criticism Kody faces about his appearance stems from his decision to keep his hair long despite his hair thinning out quite a bit over the past couple years.

But it actually looks pretty great in this new selfie, as many fans pointed out below the self-portrait.

“Looks good! Way better than the man bun,” one person wrote, while  another agreed: “Yeah, this is the best look yet.”

Someone else added: “You look very dashing. This is a very good look for you. I hope the ladies like it.”

Ah, yes, the ladies. This is where most of the attention on Sister Wives has been focused of late.

Christine and Kody Brown Pose

Overe the past few months, Meri has made it very clear she's unhappy and even hinted that she's leaving the show.

Christine has shared an unexpected picture online -- and Robyn has been at the center of a major, literal move.

We don't know what Kody thinks about all these developments, but, hey, we do know he likes his hair.

When might we hear from Kody again? It really may not be until the rumored season premiere in early January.

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