Kody Brown: In Search of a Fifth Wife!

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Kody Brown is reportedly in the market for a fifth wife.

Now, we know what you're thinking:

Kody and His Sister Wives

Isn't four wives enough?!?

For most men, it most likely would be.

But Kody is dealing with a lot these days - most notably a catfishing scandal involving of of his wives, Meri - when it comes to his current quartet of other halves and, as a result, is looking to branch out.

He's actually been on the hunt for awhile.

“He’s definitely seeking another wife,” Robyn Brown’s friend, Kendra Pollard, tells Life & Style, while another insider adds:

“He’s been looking for more than a year. He’s wanted someone really young, like 19 or 20. And she has to be attractive and thin."

Well, sure. What guy would not want his fifth wife to be young, attractive and thin?!?

According to this same publication, current wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn have been “miserable” for a long time now, with their frustration bound to intensify if another woman enters the picture.

“There isn’t enough love to go around,” the tabloid writes.

(Seriously, forget all the money and the houses it takes for Kody to afford his ongoing lifestyle. Where does he find the energy?!?)

Sister Wives Season 6 is airing on Sunday nights on TLC at the moment, with the main focus thus far on the fallout from Meri’s catfishing scandal.

Last year, the 45-year-old had an emotional affair (via phone calls and text messages) with a man she believed was named Sam Cooper.

However, it ended up up being a scam, as con artist Jackie Overton was actually the one behind the messages. Talk about awkward!

The incident has continued to be a source of drama within the family, as you can see when you watch Sister Wives online or on television.

For Kody, though, everything comes down to the bottom line.

“He knows that teasing the intro of a hot new wife at the end of this season would give people a reason to tune in,” Life & Style’s source explains.

“And for the network to renew the series.” 

If you're interested in being Kody Brown's next wife, you can send an application to... actually... nevermind.

Just go book a therapy appointment now.

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