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Kody Brown doesn’t use social media too often, but when he does, it’s usually pretty interesting.

And, well, his latest tweets sure are interesting …

Kody Brown Selfie

Not in a good way, unfortunately.

Over the weekend, Kody retweeted an article from the Salt Lake Tribune with a headline that read "Suicides are taking a toll in and out of a Utah polygamous sect, and solutions don’t look easy."

The polygamous sect is, of course, the FLDS — the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

When people think of Mormons and polygamy, this is the group they’re most likely thinking of — it’s the one with the horrifying stories of abuse and child brides, and it’s also the one that advises members to cut off any family or friends who leave the church.

Kode Red

Considering that, it’s sadly not all that difficult to understand why suicide might be more prevalent in that community, right?

But Kody doesn’t seem to get it.

"I have struggled for an hour to find words here," he tweeted about the article. "I am haunted by the sadness that is synonymous with FLDS."

In another tweet, he added "Heartbreaking! I’m lost in analysis! Why? Why some leaving this culture can’t escape it with a ‘compass’? Their self identity never developed or nurtured?"

Kody Brown and Christine Brown Together

It feels important to note here that the Brown family isn’t part of the FLDS, although they do have polygamy in common.

They’ve said that they’re Fundamentalist Mormons, and if you’ve watched Sister Wives, you can see the difference between them and the much stricter FLDS.

We’ve seen them love and support their children no matter what, with no plans to disown them for any reason, which has been so nice to see.

Like, they still very much love Mariah, who is engaged to a woman she plans on having a monogamous marriage with — that certainly wouldn’t fly in the FLDS.

Meri Brown, Mariah Brown, Audrey Kriss

But since Kody’s beliefs are in the same religion as that sect, and since they do share a somewhat similar lifestyle, he obviously feels compelled to speak out on this issue and to try to understand it.

And as his Twitter followers attempted to explain to him, it’s really not that hard to understand why some people would be so unhappy with that lifestyle.

"It’s very hard for someone who has no understanding of polygamy and watches programs like yours and sees the hurt and jealousy for these women," one person told him.

"No one is a winner but the man. Take Meri for example. If my husband was sharing his bad with other women but never me …"

Meri Brown and Kody

Someone else made a point similar to ours, that "Some of the FLDS is similar to your religion, but not everything. You love and accept your adult children regardless of the lifestyle that they live. that wouldn’t happen in Warren Jeffs’ FLDS."

Giving another perspective on how such a lifestyle could take a toll on someone, anothee Twitter user told Kody that "Watching your past shows is difficult, seeing how you love your new wife more than the others."

"Giving her best wedding and honeymoon. More days on honeymoon and looking at her more when in conversation and paying her attention. Polygamy is not easy. Still haunted by old episodes."

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Pic

We can see why Kody’s followers are zooming in on the polygamy aspect, although we imagine that suicides in the FLDS have a bit more to do with the other aspects we discussed earlier.

But even if you just consider that polygamy aspect, it’s very easy to see why living that kind of lifestyle would be deeply, constantly upsetting to many people, right?

Hopefully Kody continues to read up on this issue — love him or hate him, he does have a history of really standing up for the things he believes in.

At the very least, maybe he could start being a little more understanding about the struggles of being a sister wife.