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The Sister Wives family have been very vocal about their intention to live their lives the way they want to. 

That’s pretty much how everyone wants to live, but the family found themselves fleeing Utah after being investigated for polygamy. 

They set up shop in Las Vegas, but things are going far from swimmingly for them.

For a start, there’s word that Kody Brown is on the hunt for some new wives to add to his collection. 

This is causing a rift between him and legal wife, Robyn Sullivan, who has made her intention to leave him pretty clear. 

She does not want Kody to go out and bring more wives into the family. 

The other wives allegedly are not best pleased about it, either. 

There’s even word that two of them have moved on and are dating other people. 

What does all of this mean for their successful TLC drama?

We have no idea. 

With the whole family at odds, it means there’s a chance that they could give up on the show. 

Kody won’t like this because he’s allegedly running low on cash. 

That’s sort of what happens when you uproot your four wives and eighteen children to another state. 

That must have cost a lot of money. 

We’re sure TLC will happy to throw some more money his way if it means more seasons of the hit show. 

The show has always been a solid performer in the ratings. 

Throughout their legal battle to have polygamy legalized, they have come up against a lot of hurdles. 

All of the family still seems pretty dead set on having it legalized. 

Maybe if it does become legal, there will be some harmony within the family. 

Fighting for what they believe in and getting little results won’t be doing much for their morale. 

When everything is fine and dandy, they take selfies like this:

Sister Wives Take a Selfie

On Monday, the family filed another appeal, family attorney, Justin Turley revealed. 

“This has been an extended and difficult struggle for the Brown family but they have never wavered in their commitment to defending the important principles of religious freedom in this case.”

“Utah is a state that was founded by courageous citizens seeking these very protections from government abuse and religious inequality.”

“This lawsuit is true to the original dream of those seeking freedom in Utah.”

At least they’re not giving up on trying to get what they want. 

If anything, they’ve been pretty tenacious. 

The chances of it being appealed are pretty much nil. 

The supreme court has looked at less than one percent of the cases up for appeal in recent years. 

Either way you look at it, there are some tough times ahead for the family. 

What do you think of all of this?

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