Kody Brown: Sorry, Sister Wives, I'm a One-Woman Man Now!

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Kody Brown and his four wives Meri, Janelle, Robyn and Christine have been famous for nearly a decade now.

And, of course, polygamy was - and remains - the unorthodox family's entire claim to fame.

Yes, believe it or not, it's been nine years since Sister Wives first premiered on TLC.

Since then, we've gotten to know Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn pretty well.

Well enough that it's not exactly a surprise what Kody seems to be doing these days in regards to the ladies ...

1. Oh, Kody ...

OK, so pretty much since the very first episode of Sister Wives, it's seemed like Kody Brown is in the middle of one great big long mid-life crisis.

2. Kody, Kody, Kody

Kody, Kody, Kody
And as time goes on, it only gets worse.

3. Klassic Kody

Klassic Kody
In the first season of the show, we saw Kody living in one big home in Utah with his first three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, and all their kids. He drove a tiny little sports car, because that made sense.

4. Hey, Robyn!

Hey, Robyn!
That first season was all about introducing Robyn, a woman he'd been courting, to the family, and there was definitely plenty of drama surrounding his decision.

5. The Fourth Wife

See, Kody and Meri got married when they were very young, and he married Janelle and then Christine not long after. They're all about the same age, and they'd been a family unit for years and years when Robyn, a much younger woman, entered the picture.

6. Tough Times

Tough Times
They liked her just fine as a person, which makes sense, because she's always been a sweetheart, but it was tough to see Kody act like a schoolboy with a crush around her.

7. And Then ...

Anyway, Robyn entered the family, she had a few kids with Kody. Kody grew out a man bun. Life went on.

8. Oh Wow

A few years ago, Kody even divorced Meri, his only legal wife, so that he could officially marry Robyn. It made sense because Robyn does have three children from a former marriage and tying those children to Kody legally was an important thing to do.

9. However

Still, it must have been rough for Meri -- super rough, considering she got emotionally attached to someone who turned out to be a catfish soon after.

10. Back to Business

Back to Business
But we're not talking about Meri today -- not exclusively, anyway. We're talking about Kody and how inconsiderate and douchy he is.

11. The Big Question

The Big Question
"Well, how inconsiderate and douchy is he?!" you're probably wondering.

12. Ugh

The answer is that he's so inconsiderate and douchy that he's reportedly given up on his first three wives, the women who have spent decades with him and gave birth to the bulk of his children, to hang with his younger wife.

13. Protocol

How things have always worked in the Brown family is that Kody rotates between his wives' homes so that they all get some quality time with their husband. He's got clothes, toiletries, everything he needs in each house so it's easy to go through his little schedule.

14. Uh Oh

And you'll never believe this -- just kidding, if you've ever watched this show you'll believe this so very easily -- but according to Radar Online, he pretty much just stays with Robyn these days.

15. Interesting

"It appears Kody’s official home base is wife Robyn’s house,” an observant source told the site. “He didn’t go to another wife’s home for almost a week.”

16. Way Harsh

Way Harsh
This sort of makes sense when it comes to Christine, his third wife, because she was apparently out of town for several days, but “When she returned on Saturday, May 11, he did not visit her."

17. Ouch

The source said that Janelle, the second wife, was home, but Kody just never stopped by.

18. Of Course

Of Course
The report doesn't even mention Meri, the OG wife, at all, which is fair. It doesn't even look like she and Kody even really like each other anymore.

19. Cute

As Radar's source explains, “It seems Robyn is his true wife. The rest are just living their own lives!”

20. Weird

Apparently Kody is so set in Robyn's home that Christine even went there on Mother's Day. Pretty lame that she had to be the one to go to him after popping out six of his kids, but sure.

21. Super Ouch

Super Ouch
But it's still better than being Janelle, who was spotted walking around the farmer's market by herself on the holiday looking "very lonely."

22. Dang

Again, Meri wasn't mentioned at all, but Mariah, her only child, has been in Bali, so it's probably safe to say she spent the day alone, too.

23. Here We Are

Here We Are
And so it seems like the process that's been happening for years and years may finally be complete -- Kody has his one hotter, younger wife now, and the three other women that built a life with him for all those years are irrelevant to him.

24. The Real Question

The Real Question
But how long is it going to be until Kody cruises up to some even younger woman with his man bun and his TLC money and finds his fifth wife?

25. So Gross

So Gross
We live in dark times, friends. So very dark.

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