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Earlier this year, Mariah Brown’s girlfriend Audrey Kriss made her debut on Sister Wives.

While the rest of her family has left Las Vegas, Mariah has also moved — to Chicago.

She shared some very touching updates on her and Audrey’s move and their new home. Take a look:

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Kody and the sister-wives have settled in to their new home in Flagstaff, Arizona. Or rather, their homes.

The Browns shelled out $820,000 on property in the Arizona town.

In the mean time, Mariah is taking a huge step, as she and Audrey have moved into a Chicago apartment.

On July 6, Mariah gleefully shared the news that they had been approved.

"Audrey and I got APPROVED for our Chicago apartment today and holy moly I am so stoked," Mariah wrote on Instagram.

"Now I can’t stop thinking about all of the stuff I want to buy for our new space," she admitted. "Oops."

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"Driving out of Salt Lake for the last time," Mariah reflected in a later post.

Mariah admitted: "It’s hitting me a lot harder than I expected."

"This place will always hold such a special place in my heart," she explained.

Despite her excitement about moving, Mariah reminisced: "So many people and places have touched me in such unexpected and beautiful ways."

"I’m excited for our new chapter," Mariah concluded. "But closing this one is breaking my heart a little."

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On August 5, Mariah gave her fans and followers a very welcome update about her move.

"It’s been a minute (bc moving and traveling and life stuff) but we are in Chicago," she wrote on Instagram. "And oh so happy about it."

on August 9, Mariah delivered another update. This time, with a more personal note.

"You know that feeling after moving to a new place and you’re oh so happy yet feel a weird sadness inside?" Mariah asked.

"Yep, that was me yesterday," she admitted. "I’m so incredibly excited and grateful to be here but I also feel a little melancholy. I’m even more excited to start school now and start getting in a routine."

Mariah added: "Pro tip when being new to a city – find a gym fast. Working out today make me feel a bit more normal."

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On August 12, Mariah told her fans and followers about how setting up their new home was coming along.

"Audrey and I spent the entire day putting together our dresser/cleaning a very messy apartment," she wrote.

Mariah continued: "And then I went to the gym so today is a good day and I’m actually falling in love with this street. It’s a good Sunday – how was yours?"

On September 5 — which was Wednesday — she was still gushing about her new home.

"I’ve always wanted to live in a city where I could walk everywhere and had actual real, downpour rain storms," Mariah wrote.

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It’s funny that she says that, as there are jokes within the LGBT+ community about "gays who can’t drive," though there’s no statistical evidence to support sexual orientation having a correlation with driving ability.

(The joke may have arisen because a lot of LGBT+ folks who live openly have moved to cities where public transportation and walking are viable options)

"Chicago has both," Mariah continued. "And I had no idea how great it would actually be. So I’m pretty stoked to be living here."

She also gushed about Audrey, writing: "How lucky am I that I get to spend my life with someone who makes me as happy as this?"

They are so cute. We wish them the best!