Jinger Duggar: Did She Tone Down Her "Rebellious" Look For Her Parents' Visit?

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Of all the Duggar children, no one has blazed their own trail quite like Jinger.

Jinger first earned the "rebel" label when she began wearing pants, a violation of the strict Duggar dress code, which requires women to wear long skirts at all times.

Jinger and Fam

(Jinger committed her first act of sartorial defiance only after she was married and only with her husband's permission, but hey -- given her parents' famously low tolerance for non-conformity, that pair of Levi's must have felt as dangerous as any mohawk.)

Since then, Jinger has broken with the Duggar belief system in a number of subtle, but significant ways.

For starters, she married a man her father openly disapproved of.

After her wedding, Jinger waited more than a year to get pregnant -- a customary practice in most parts of the world, but the stuff of scandal in a community in which girls are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being.

Jinger Duggar and the Pink Wall

Most recently, Jinger moved to Los Angeles with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and her daughter, Felicity.

Even though the family relocated so that Jeremy could attend a divinity school in the area, Jinger's parents reportedly disapproved.

In fact, the move prompted rumors that Jinger had been disowned by her parents.

Last week, however, something remarkable happened.

Jinger and Jeremy Attend a Soccer Game

With no advanced notice, Jim Bob and Michelle -- along with 16 of their children -- made the trip out west and visited Jinger in LA for the first time.

Some flew, some drove RVs, and Jinger was reportedly overjoyed to see her parents and all but two of her siblings.

(Jill and Joy-Anna were unable to make the trip for reasons that remain unclear.)

Obviously, Jinger did not have to do any traveling, and she wasn't able to accommodate dozens of guests in her home.

Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar, and Felicity Vuolo Attend a Wedding

(It's unclear how many Duggar children and in-laws made the journey.)

But that doesn't mean nothing was required of her.

According to a new report from Radar Online, Jinger made a major concession to her parents' belief system and re-adopted the Duggar dress code during their visit.

“Just last week Jinger was wearing ripped jeans, and before that, short shorts," an insider tells the site.

Jinger Duggar and Cute Family

"The moment her parents come to town she goes back to wearing dresses,”

Yes, we suppose it's easy to be a rebel when your parents are 1,500 miles away, but a bit more difficult when they're staying at the Marriott down the street.

It's unclear if Jim Bob and Michelle requested this favor of Jinger, or if she simply chose to surprise them with her return to "modest attire."

Some folks are taking this as a sign that Jinger really was disowned by her parents and is currently working hard to get back into their good graces.

That's a bit of a stretch.

But whatever the case, it seems Jinger is still very much concerned with remaining on Jim Bob's good side.

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