Caroline Manzo Blasts Teresa Giudice: What an Unethical Narcissist!

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Caroline Manzo does not have time for Teresa Giudice's nonsense.

Well, she has a little time, we guess.

Considering the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star just responded to her ex-colleague's controversial remarks.

housewives of nj

This past Sunday night, Teresa sat down for a special Bravo interview with Andy Cohen... and her estranged husband, Joe, who had to be beamed in from Italy as he awaits a final decision on his deportation appeal.

The messed up couple talked about their future, an abundance of infidelity rumors --  and how Manzo once predicated that Joe would go to jail and Teresa would divorce him.

(Joe was sentenced to 41 months in jail for his role in a bankruptcy scheme...  and we're pretty darn sure Teresa is going to divorce him.)

“It’s just so sad, I guess, like she’s led that crooked life,” said Teresa on air, adding:

“Like, I’ve never led that crooked life. I guess she has and who she comes from and where she came from. Right back at her.”

Continued Teresa at the time:

“How could she predict that?"

Teresa on Watch What Happens Live

"Could she have anything to do with what happened to Joe and I? Is she a rat? With her saying that? Those words would never come out of my mouth, regarding anybody."

"Maybe [she called the feds]! Those words would never come out of my mouth.”

Pretty major accusations there, right? Saying that Manzo may have actually ratted the Giudices out to the authorities?!?

Naturally, Caroline had to respond.

“I left [Housewives] five years ago," she said yesterday on her son's podcast, expounding in extreme detail as follows:

"Within those five years, my name has come up numerous times, in positive ways and negative ways as well. I don’t respond to any of it, ’cause that was then and this is now."

"I live a very quiet life, as my Instagram will show, and I’m a normal person, a normal housewife. I don’t live by what people think of me."

"However, there comes a point in everyone’s life when enough is enough."

Caroline Manzo on a Mic

"I’m at that point with her because I have heard over the years that she has slandered me numerous times on her live shows, numerous times to people that just go up to her on the street, in the press, on reunions."

"This is not the first time she’s made this claim. Those are big words. Those are very big words."

"So once in a while, you gotta take the bully, pull ’em up by the shirt, pull ’em up to your face and say, ‘This is the reality. This is life. I am going to clear things up for you.’ And that’s what I’m doing.”

Pair of Giudices

As for Teresa’s allegations?

Manzo called them “just ridiculous.”

“She has a narcissistic personality … I get it. I see through her,” she said, explaining how she was able to predict the Giudices’ fate all those years ago.

“She has no moral compass. She really doesn’t. She has said things to people that are completely fabricated.”

Teresa Giudice Pose

Manzo went on to say she scoffed at the whole crooked life label Teresa tried to affix to her.

What’s my crooked life? I have a husband that has been busting his ass for the past 40 years, working 16-hour days six days at week at almost 60 years old.

We just paid off our mortgage, congratulations to us. And guess what? We did it the old-fashion way, with a 20-year loan, and by blood, sweat and tears we paid it off. …

She’s right. We couldn’t be more opposite. And that pleases me.

Tre Giudice

So the irony of that statement is not lost on me, and I think she’s grasping at straws, and I think she’s delusional, and I think she’s trying to throw mud and hoping it sticks on any which wall that will catch it, but it’s not gonna work.

Overall, yes, Manzo is firing back at Teresa right now. However...

"I don't care. The thing is I don't care enough," she said on the podcast.

T. Giudice

"I know who I am. The good, the bad, the ugly. I know who I am and I know what I present myself as who I really am.

"If you meet me on the street, you're gonna say, ‘Holy s--t. That's who she is on television.' It's her for real. All right. And I was always very proud of that."

In conclusion?

Take THIS, Teresa:

Having said that, I don't let nonsense bother me.

There are much more important things in this world and this life that I have to fret over, that I have to worry about. What she says/thinks about me means nothing.

Right? Because she doesn't hold a place in my world that I have to be concerned about her opinion of me. So why bother? Why waste my breath?

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