Teresa Giudice vs. Joe Giudice: The Most Shocking Interview Reveals!

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Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice are not living in the same country right now.

But they still shared the same screen on Sunday night, October 27 because Bravo aired a special and unique interview in which Andy Cohen sat in studio with Teresa...

... and Joe was beamed in via satellite from Italy, where he's been forced to flee to while awaiting word on his deportation appeal.

Just how candid did these Real Housewives of New Jersey stars get about the past, present and future of their marriage?

Scroll down to find out!

1. How Did We Get Here?

How Did We Get Here?
Joe and Teresa both pleaded guilty in 2016 to their roles in a bankruptcy scheme that defrauded the government and the American taxpayers. They were sentenced to separate stints in prison as a result.

2. How Did This Go for Teresa?

How Did This Go for Teresa?
We mean, we're sure she hated prison -- but she then got out, got a raise from Bravo and is now the main star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

3. How Did This Go for Joe?

How Did This Go for Joe?
Toward the end of his 41-month sentence, a judge ordered Joe to be deported back to Italy because he broke federal law as a non-U.S. citizen. He was then detained by ICE and just recently landed in Italy while he awaits the decision on his final appeal.

4. Enter This Interview...

Enter This Interview...
Amid rumors of infidelity on both sides and a likely divorce filing, Joe and Teresa sat with Cohen and traded barbs in a much-hyped Bravo special.

5. So, What Did Viewers Learn?

So, What Did Viewers Learn?
ICE detention was worse than jail, Joe explained. "That place was ridiculous. It should be shut down," he said, alleging he was locked up in a small cell with eight other people. "I was going bonkers in there," he added, going on to say he was once thrown into solitary confinement for one week after simply opening up a (barred) window "to let some air in there."

6. He Was Given Special Treatment... Sort Of

He Was Given Special Treatment... Sort Of
“I had two immigration officers, one on each side, taking selfies with me the whole time,” Joe told Cohen, adding that they left from an airport in Washington, D.C. “One guy in front, and I think there was someone else who carried a gun on a plane. You know, I’m a very dangerous guy.” He said he also gave these officers advice on where to go for fun in Rome.

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