Joe Giudice: Darn Right I Think Teresa Cheated on Me!

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Bravo has released a sneak peek from this Sunday's revealing interview between Andy Cohen and Teresa and Joe Giudice.

And, based on what we've seen, we must now revise this opening sentence already:

joe/teresa giudice

Bravo has released a sneak peek from this Sunday's VERY, VERY revealing interview between Andy Cohen and Teresa and Joe Giudice.

As previously teased (by Teresa herself), The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars will be sitting down in two days for their first joint Q&A since Joe’s release from prison ... and subsequent (forced) move to Italy.

And the troubled husband and wife will not be holding anything back.

Pair of Giudices

In a preview of this special, Cohen gets right down to it, pointing out that Joe was photographed with other women while Teresa was in jail and asks Joe if he was faithful to Teresa.

"I was, actually, yeah," he responds.

Okay. What about the reverse: Was Teresa faithful while Joe was behind bars?

"I don't know, I don't think so," Joe says.

Joe Giudice on Way to Court

This question has been a topic of debate among fans of the Bravo franchise.

Both Giudices spend time in prison after they admitted in 2016 to hiding assets from the government and committing bankrupcty fraud.

Toward the end of Joe's 41-month stint, a judge sentenced the Italian citizen to deportation because his infraction was severe enough that he basically foreited his legal right to residence in America.

Teresa Touches Joe

In various quotes here and there, Teresa never really shied away from confessing that the marriage would not survive with Joe living abroad...

... and then Teresa was spotted with a much younger man in Miami late last year, looking far too cozy for a married woman.

An attorney for Teresa has since denied allegations that his awful client was unfaithful.

Gia and Joe Giudice

"There is no cheating, no divorce. End of story," this lawyer once said.

When asked for her take on all that's transpired, Teresa came armed with accusations of her own.

“Do I feel like he was faithful? No,” she tells Cohen, maintaining that she and the man she was photographed with were “just friends” and telling Joe in this interview;

“You were photographed with women also.”

Teresa Giudice Pose

“That’s why it made it okay for you,” Joe responds.

In another preview released by Cohen, the host intones:

"Now the entire fate of the Giudice family hangs in the balance as Joe awaits overseas for a final verdict about where he'll spend the rest of his life."

This is true:

Teresa Giudice and Hubby

Joe is waiting to learn the fate of his final appeal, meaning there's some chance the deportation ruling is rescinded and he's permitted back in the United States.

That would make for quite the awkward reunion with his wife, wouldn't it?

“I’m just so happy he’s free," Teresa cries at one point, but Cohen counters as follows:

Teresa Giudice Hold Hands

“Those don’t seem like happy tears. This relationship kind of feels like you’re speaking about it in the past.”

We'd make fun of these people and also yell at Bravo for giving such a platform to a pair of entitled ex-convicts who lied and cheated and tried to get away with millions of dollars at the expense of their fellow taxpayers.

But Teresa and Joe are parents to four daughters.

This is really all just very sad in the end.

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