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Davie and Annie Toborowsky are one of the most beloved 90 Day Fiance couples of all time.

Aside from being tangentially mentioned in part of Larissa and Evelin’s massive feud recently, their lives have much less drama these days.

In a new interview, the darling couple have opened up about how they stay married, happy, and in love.

David and Annie discuss their marriage

David and Annie Toborowsky opened up to Entertainment Tonight at a recent 90 Day Fiance event.

"The advice that we always give everybody is, my life is like 50 First Dates the movie," David says.

He quickly clarifies that this is "not because of my age — I’m 51 — because every day, I have to make her fall in love with me again."

Awww! That is so precious and endearing despite referring to an Adam Sandler film.

David gushes: "And I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this world."

David and Annie of 90 Day Fiance

Annie opened up about what she sees as another factor that keeps them together despite a 21-year age gap.

"And to me, I’m very easygoing," Annie admits.

She continues: "And just him giving me a cup of coffee in the morning, I’m falling in love with him."

While some people would admittedly profess love to anyone who offers them coffee in the morning …

… Clearly, for them, it’s just these little rituals of affection and intimacy that keep their love alive.

Corey Rathgeber Selfie with Annie and David Toborowsky

"It’s great to share your story, stick together," David expresses.

He adds: "And if it’s meant to be — your relationship — make it work, and if not …."

Annie chimes in: "If you already love each other I think, the relationship is not easy."

"But," she emphasizes. "You’ll get through it together."

David adds that the pair are "in a lot better place" than they were a few years ago.

90 Day Fiance Couple David And Annie

"I was not in a good place in 2013 and Annie obviously is just the best thing in my life," David affirms. "The best decision,"

"And together we feel like we can take on the world," he gushes.

"And we’re traveling and cooking for people, doing a lot," David notes.

He adds: "We’re in a lot better shape."

Their troubles on and before 90 Day Fiance seem like just a memory.

David and Annie on the Plane

"It’s not like we’re wealthy in any stretch of the imagination," David clarifies.

He adds: "But we’re doing a lot of different things for revenue, whether it’s working in catering, whether it’s doing parties."

"I’m still teaching online and working for a company that has overseas interests," David shares.

He adds: "So we’ve been doing so many things."

That includes plenty of fan engagement, which is part of a long list of why they are so popular.

David and Annie Discuss Money

Annie opened up that their relationship is better, but clarifies that "It’s not because we’ve won the lottery."

"It’s because we love each other," she explains. "And I appreciate him every day."

Despite their status as fan-favorites, they too get their haters.

"The haters mean nothing to me," Annie adds. "I just say, ‘Well, good luck, you don’t know me, so … thanks for watching the show.’"

David also opens up about trolls, saying: "It’s all right. People are going to hate, and here’s a reason to hate."

"If we can share our story and help one person in their life and their life is better," he concludes. "Then all the haters do not matter to us."