Larissa Lima and Evelin Villegas Go to WAR Over Corey Rathgeber!!

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On Thursday, we reported that Larissa Lima and Corey Rathgeber had posed for a selfie together.

She wasn't the first 90 Day Fiance legend with whom Corey had taken a photo, but the pic did get fans talking.

The immediate result was that Evelin Villegas warned Larissa away from Corey.

Her relationship status with Corey remains up in the air. She may be afraid of losing him to someone who lives closer to his family.

Thursday night, that brief exchange exploded into an all-out verbal war. Text messages were exposed, names were called. A feud ignited.

Believe it or not, even Leida tried to get involved.

1. The selfie that launched a thousand ships

The selfie that launched a thousand ships
Around midnight on Wednesday night, Corey and Larissa shared this snap. We doubt that either of them had any idea of the firestorm that it would unleash.

2. First, a brief reminder ...

First, a brief reminder ...
Corey and Evelin are of course 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way stars. They had their ups and downs but were very much in love, and have been for years. However, something changed drastically at the filming of the Tell All special

3. According to a leaker ...

According to a leaker ...
Evelin could not attend the Tell All taping, so like most of his castmates, Corey attended alone. As we previously reported, producers had Corey sign a mental health waiver and had a therapist on standby before they showed him a video that is said to show Evelin cheating, in some capacity, before he arrived in Ecuador.

4. It was not good, folks

It was not good, folks
Whatever the video showed caused Corey to break down crying. He spoke to the therapist. He remained in the US after that, spending time with his family. Days later, on his birthday, he blocked Evelin on Instagram.

5. Evelin held out hope ...

Evelin held out hope ...
And it seemed that it had paid off. Just a few days before this scandal involving Larissa broke out, Corey unblocked Evelin and the two refollowed each other. Fans who wanted to see them reconcile rejoiced, hoping that they were talking it out.

6. Meanwhile, Larissa is very single

Meanwhile, Larissa is very single
It's been about a month since her breakup from Eric Nichols. It was about the same amount of time, at the beginning of the year, between when she and Colt broke up and when she joined TInder -- and found Erickee. To those who see Larissa as a man-stealing skank, the fear that she would gobble up Corey was all too real. And since he'd already spent a lot of money on Evelin, they worried that Larissa would zero in on him.

7. How big of a deal was the selfie?

How big of a deal was the selfie?
As many fans quickly pointed out, Corey sharing a selfie with Larissa doesn't necessarily mean anything. He had snapped others during his time with fan-favorites David and Annie, for example.

8. But then this happened

But then this happened
A fan commented that Larissa and Corey would make a cute couple, and Larissa openly agreed. Then Evelin saw it, of course, and tried everything to warn Larissa away -- throwing Corey under the bus in the process.

9. Evelin lost her cool

Evelin lost her cool
In a series of videos on Instagram Live, Evelin blew up at Larissa, changing her tone from a friendly warning to calling Larissa a "slut." A very bad idea, folks. One, slut-shaming is bad. And two ...

10. Larissa will absolutely clap back

Larissa will absolutely clap back
She didn't get her title as queen in a popularity contest, folks. I certainly wouldn't want to feud with Larissa. And after you see the series of screenshots that we're about to show you, neither will you.

11. Then Carmen piped up

Then Carmen piped up
Remember all of those fans assuring each other that it was just a harmless selfie? Well, Larissa lives with Carmen (Carmen took her in after the violent, bloody breakup with Colt back in January). Most people consider her a reliable source on what's going on in Larissa's life. (By the way, big shoutout to 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates for recording this feud for posterity, because so many of these Stories and comments were deleted shortly after they were posted)

12. Carmen was not quashing ANY rumors

Carmen was not quashing ANY rumors
And as you can see here, Carmen says that it's her understanding that Corey is very single and she thinks that he and Larissa went on a date, like a DATE, but also that nothing sexual happened. She notes that Larissa doesn't even kiss on the first date. (Which is wild -- slut-shaming is always wrong, of course, but it's clearly bonkers in her case)

13. Also ... Larissa is under NDA?

Also ... Larissa is under NDA?
Larissa hasn't been with Colt since January and she and Erickee broke up, but Carmen's saying that she's under NDA. Many fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that 90 Day Fiance has finally had the sense to make a matchmaking spinoff for the stars whose romances fizzle out. Others think that she was just filming something with Eric and is now continuing to film it without him.

14. Larissa knew that she had to speak up

Larissa knew that she had to speak up
Larissa describes her time out with Corey as an "innocent date" in which nothing happened. She notes that Evelin said some very cruel things about her, and suggests that Corey considers himself single while Evelin continues to think of him as being in a relationship with her. As Larissa says, this is something for the two of them to work out. Larissa did nothing wrong, her face was swollen from some recent work on her face, and she's still on the market for her "king."

15. Then Corey posted THIS

Then Corey posted THIS
He repeatedly gushes about how much he loves Evelin "with all my heart," taking a break from singing her praises just long enough to assure everyone that he and Larissa were just hanging out. Note that he doesn't say that he and Evelin are still in a relationship, however. It's possible to love someone 100% and be broken up with them because they did something that hurt you.

16. You would not BELIEVE who chimed in

You would not BELIEVE who chimed in
Remember Leida Margaretha, the one who banished her new husband's teen daughter from their home and became one of the most hated 90 Day Fiance stars in the history of the franchise? She pipes up and says that she thinks that Evelin and Larissa are just having a misunderstanding. Folks, when Leida is the voice of reason in your feud, it's time to pack it up.

17. But no, the war trumpets had sounded

But no, the war trumpets had sounded
Larissa decided to prove her case. Keep in mind that both she and Evelin have many fans, so naturally both stars would have been seeing very unkind comments from hordes of aggressive Instagrammers. So Larissa showed off what appear to be texts from Corey.

18. Larissa shared even more

Larissa shared even more
Clearly, she wanted to show that not only had she and Corey had friendly, non-romantic interactions, but that Corey had not been disgusted by her (again, her face was swollen from recent work) as Evelin had claimed.

19. Then Larissa had even more to say

Then Larissa had even more to say
First, she says that Evelin wanted to live in the US but cannot because she previously overstayed a visa (this, we knew already). Larissa also says that Evelin boned her ex in Corey's bed, which is super effed up. Larissa then claims that Corey was begging her for a goodnight kiss after their friendly date. Finally, Larissa says that Corey told her that Evelin broke up with HIM over following some Instagram haters.

20. Evelin acknowledges that there are lies ...

Evelin acknowledges that there are lies ...
She wants the world to believe that it's Larissa who is lying about what Corey may have told her. Oh boy, what a mess!

21. So Larissa hit back

So Larissa hit back
This time, Larissa exposed texts from Corey, not even scrubbing out his name this time, in which he admitted to her that Evelin had trouble getting a visa to visit the US. He also tells her that he's a big fan and flies out to Vegas -- it's not clear if he made that flight ONLY to see her or not.

22. Larissa does NOT love Corey

Larissa does NOT love Corey
She says that the only man she's ever truly loved was ... Colt Johnson. That would explain why she married him. It also explains why she stuck with him so long after what many people would consider dealbreakers, and why she was so VERY upset when he cheated on her with multiple women over Instagram in December of 2018.

23. Evelin's so mad at Corey's "stupidity"

Evelin's so mad at Corey's "stupidity"
A fan advises her to dump Corey because he told so much of her personal business to Larissa. Evelin clearly feels a lot of contempt over it. Her words are a little harsh (a lot harsh), even if you can understand why she's pissed off.

24. So ... is it over?

So ... is it over?
We're not so sure that this nasty, explosive, complicated feud is over. We're also not sure if this is the end for Evelin and Corey. But if they do get back together, we are absolutely begging them to get some couples counseling. They have a lot to discuss and a lot to work out.

25. Maybe the biggest takeaway from all of this ...

Maybe the biggest takeaway from all of this ...
What is Larissa up to that has her under NDA? Imagine if 90 Day Fiance's cameras were there to film her "platonic" date with Corey. Hush and let us dream about the mess that would follow on Instagram.

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