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At this point, it’s pretty clear that Teen Mom 2 viewers hate two things:

1. Animal homicide.

2. Boredom.

The question for many fans of the franchise now is this: Which do they hate more?

This is why such a question isn now being asked:

Earlier this year, Jenelle Evans was fired by MTV after Child Protective Service determined she and husband David Eason were not raising their kids in a safe environment.

This determination was made after Eason shot and killed his family’s dog, merely the latest in his string of ugly and violent actions.

Not long after finally giving Evans a pink slip, Teen Mom 2 producers hired Jade Cline as her replacement.

A former Young and Pregnant cast member, Cline has a daughter named Kloie and a strained relationship with her father, Sean Austin, largely due to Austin’s struggle with substance abuse.

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This tenous relationship has been the focus of Cline’s early Teen Mom 2 episodes, both of which were met with a collective shrug from Teen Mom nation and one basic response:


It’s early in Cline’s run, but plenty of long-time viewers are already yearning for a return to the chaos and drama brought on by Jenelle and David.

Sure, they’re dangerous unfit to raise a family … but they sure are entertaining!

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“Honestly I’d rather still be watching Jenelle even Farrah can be brought back to OG,” one user wrote in response to Jade’s addition, while another added:

“Uhh don’t really care about Jade. Stop bringing random girls back."

And then there was this comment:

"Lol y’all replaced Jenelle with Jade? Lmao Where do you get this trash from?"

And then this one:

"It’s true but at least Jenelle was interesting, Jade is boring AF."

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Jenelle, for her part, has actually not really angled for a return to MTV.

She recently launched a cosmetic line in some lame attempt to be like Kylie Jenner and she wrote of Cline and Teen Mom 2 just a few weeks ago:

"Glad you found someone worth your while #MTV. Focusing on myself, my family, and making my future as bright as possible. Gain opportunities. Succeed, #EndOfStory."

Cline, meanwhile, seems aware of the disdain for her out there.

But she’s trying to focus on the bigger picture.

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This is what she wrote five days ago on Instagram:

I share my story because it’s  real, raw, and relatable.

All the stuff I go through, a lot  of  other young women my age  go through, and my story just brings to light these situations instead of hiding them behind closed doors. Hopefully me sharing my story can help other women  & as well empower them.

I’ll take all the bullshit as long as I’m helping at least one person in this world.

See, critics?

Jade Cline is a hero.