Jade Cline Debuts on Teen Mom 2, Goes At It with Baby Daddy

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Jenelle Evans is out.

Of her mind? Yes, it often seems so.

But we're referring here to how the former Teen Mom 2 star was fired this past spring by MTV because she was raising her kids in an unsafe environment.

Did the polarizing personality take all the drama away with her?

Or did her replacement, Jade Cline, manage to at least give viewers, like, 75% of the craziness and chaos they had grown to expect from Evans and her family?

Scroll down for a recap of Cline's very first appearance as a Teen Mom 2 cast member...

1. Some Relationship Background:

Some Relationship Background:
Cline and Sean Austin have been together, off and on, for abouter four years. They have a one-year old daughter named Kloie.

2. Are They on Good Terms?

Are They on Good Terms?
Decent, at least. Going into the Teen Mom 2 premiere, Jade said she was happy Austin had a job and was over 200 days sober... but the job was making it difficult for him to attend meetings.

3. Jade's Big Concern:

Jade's Big Concern:
“I just have to keep my eyes open and watch and make sure he’s not lying to me or bullsh–ting me,” Jade said about Austin missing some outpatient rehab time. “It’s hard for me to sit around and babysit and make sure he’s doing as an adult [should]. I just want Kloie to have a house with her little family and be happy, healthy and not worry about her mom and dad being stressed out.”

4. A Difficult Past

A Difficult Past
Austin’s struggles with drug addiction were documented on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. He was seen sober and in outpatient treatment on Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

5. A Problem Emerges...

A Problem Emerges...
Jade and Sean ended up having getting into as they got ready to head out for their anniversary. Why? Because the latter thought he’d caught Jade looking through his phone -- and then called her a liar when she denied doing so.

6. You Suck! No, You Suck!

You Suck! No, You Suck!
Soon enough, the new reality stars were yelling at each other until Jade went downstairs to talk to her friend, Jasmine, who was there to babysit Kloie for the night.

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