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Kylie Jenner is very fond of selfies, and she’s not afraid to use a simple photo to send a powerful message to fans.

This week, one of Kylie’s selfies dropped a major hint that she and Travis Scott have split up.

In a new photo, the makeup mogul appears to be responding to the rumors. Are they true?

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First, the quickest of recaps because if you blinked, you may have missed the news — and the hint that Kylie dropped.

Kylie, the billionaire makeup mogul who avoided being a teen mom by only a matter of months, snapped a selfie.

In that selfie, there was a photo of her and Travis Scott that was conspicuously absent.

How did fans notice? Well, for starters, Kylie’s fans are fanatical and they are also legion. So enough critical eyes were on the pic to notice.

Since Kylie had to notice that they’d peep the missing framed picture, was Kylie deliberately signaling that she and her baby daddy are donezo?

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Notably, this selfie from six weeks earlier still features the cute couples’ photograph.

As rumors swirled and alarms were raised this week, we can only assume that Kylie caught wind of how fans were responding.

Some celebrities build up "hype," for lack of a better word, before they officially announce that they have broken up or divorced.

If that was Kylie’s aim, she’d want to soon announce that she and Travis are parting ways, with some saccharine statement about co-parenting.

Instead, the makeup mogul took to he Instagram Stories and shared this picture.

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Unlike with Kylie’s selfies, you don’t have to be an eagle-eyed superfan to spot the oh-so-conspicuous photograph.

Above what are clearly papers with baby (or is it toddler?) Stormi Webster’s fingerpainting, there is a very cute picture.

In it, we see Travis Scott, little Stormi, and proud mom Kylie.

A one-and-a-half-year-old’s fingerpainting and cute little handprints are adorable to see, as always.

But many of Kylie’s fans were positively relieved to see her pushing an image of her alongside Travis.

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We don’t know, of course, if Kylie deliberately shared the pic in order to quash rumors.

She may have just been showing off her little girl’s artwork. What mom wouldn’t?

Fortunately, the question is a little moot, because Kylie’s Playboy interview made it clear that the romance with Travis Scott is very much alive.

"When we have our days off," Kylie revealed. "We play with Stormi all day, and the three of us have a lot of fun together."

While that could be something that broken up co-parents might say, it sounds really cutesy-coupley to us.

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"We do a lot of swimming; Stormi loves swimming," Kylie added.

"So," she explained. "We’re always in the pool or playing in her room or taking her out to lunch with us."

And here, she goes into what she and Travis get up to when it’s just the two of them.

"After she falls asleep," Kylie divulged. "We watch a lot of TV and we get lost in the theater room and just watch a whole lot of shows and movies."

"We usually fight over what TV show we’re going to watch," she admitted. Hard to tell if that’s normal or toxic.

"We have a lot of fun together," Kylie insisted. "We’re always laughing or getting into deep talks."

Our verdict is that they’re probably broken up. It doesn’t explain the curious case of the missing photograph, however.