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One of the big problems with the social media age is that many people find themselves constantly comparing their own circumstances with the lives of others.

For example, the camping trip you took in July may have been the highlight of your summer, but when held up against that European backpacking excursion your Instagram mutual keeps posting about, it looks pretty lame.

Jinger Eating a Donut

Nowhere is the phenomenon more evident than in the rebellion of Jinger Duggar.

Many young adults who make a conscious decision to live in defiance of their parents’ belief system do so by getting neck tattoos, living in yurts, or supporting Andrew Yang.

Jinger’s dissent takes a much more subtle form, but it’s no less courageous.

In fact, given how strict her upbringing was and how much she has to lose, there’s more bravery in Jinger wearing pants than in your typical millennial pursuing a bachelor’s degree in pole dancing studies.

Jinger Duggar Is Blonde

First, Jinger married a man her parents don’t approve of.

Then, with his permission, she began openly defying the famous Duggar dress code.

Earlier this year, Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo relocated to Los Angeles, a move her famously ultra-conservative parents most definitely did not approve of.

The situation has become so dire that rumors of Jim Bob and Michelle disowning Jinger have been circulating non-stop on social media.

Jinger and Baby

We doubt things are quite that bad, but it’s evident that Jinger is not her parents’ favorite these days.

(Jim Bob and Michelle have yet to visit the Vuolos in LA, and contact between the two couples is limited.)

Through it all, Jinger has continued to wear the clothing that was strictly off-limits during her upbringing.

And many fans think she’s doing so in defiance of her ultra-conservative father:

Jinger Duggar Bares Shoulders

That’s a recent photo of Jinger spending some quality time with her eldest sister, Jana.

It certainly looks innocent enough at first glance, but as you can see, Jinger’s shoulders are exposed, which is a major no-no in the Duggar dress code.

Jinger has permission from her husband to dress less conservatively than her sisters (like we said, all rebellions are relative), but you can bet her father is less than thrilled with this pic.

Add to that the fact that Jinger appears to be passing her rebellious spirit onto her daughter, and it’s very possible that Jim Bob hit the roof:

Yes, little Felicity is also rocking a sleeveless top.

It’s unclear if the dress code is as strict for young children, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this were Jinger’s subtle way of sending a message to her overbearing father.

“Her outfit is so cute!” one commenter wrote.

“Awww she is such a beautiful little girl like her momma!!” a second added. “My daughter has that same outfit!!!” 

Vuolo Family

A recent trailer for the upcoming season of Counting On teased a scene in which Jinger and Michelle finally have a frank discussion about her attire.

“There is a lot in the media saying there is conflict between you guys about your choice to wear pants. Is there conflict?” a producer asks.

Sadly, it looks like we’ll have to wait for the season premiere for her answer.

Fortunately, it’s Jinger we’re talking about, so you can be sure she’ll speak her mind: