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Hard to believe, but it’s been over three months since the glorious day when Jenelle Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2.

With the possible exception of Michael Vick, no one in the 21st Century deserved to be fired more than Jenelle.

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As you no doubt recall, Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, beat, shot and killed her French bulldog after determining that the 11-pound menace was so dangerous that it simply could not be permitted to continue drawing breath.

The law disagreed, and the Easons lost custody of their children after the ensuing CPS investigation determined that David was the menace.

They’ve since regained custody of most of their kids (David and Jenelle each have one son who’s legally prohibited from living with them.), but things are still unstable on The Land.

Neither of the Easons is employed, and it seems they’re relying on the income from Jenelle’s cosmetics line to feed the four kids who were recently returned to them.

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That’s a dicey gamble, considering Ms. Evans is less popular than ever at the moment, which is reeeeeally saying something.

So Jenelle spent the past decade lashing out in violent outbursts, abusing every substance she could get her hands on, wishing death on veterans, and abusing and neglecting children and animals.

As a result, she finally lost her cushy, six-figure reality gig.

And who does she blame for all this?

Why MTV, of course!

Smilin' Evans

Almost immediately after she was fired, Jenelle was replaced on Teen Mom 2 buy Jade Cline, who was first introduced to viewers on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

(The speed with which she was cast led many to the conclusion that MTV had been planning to cut ties with Jenelle for a long time.)

This week, Jenelle posted a lengthy, semi-literate Facebook tirade and as far as we can tell from her Farrah-esque word salad, she’s criticizing both Jade and her former TM2 bosses:

"Saw a trailer from my ‘replacement’ on TM2," Evans began.

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"After everything I’ve been through with CPS and my case being dismiss it makes me sad watching this clip knowing the drama is being filmed and happening in front of all children a part of the show in bad situations," Jenelle continued.

"No one steps in. Just let it happen. Ratings are a first priority, right."

Wait, is she saying no one "stepped in" in her case?

They did, Jenelle. They stepped in by firing your ass, thus no longer subsidizing your abusive behavior.

PB and Jenelle-y

"My focus is to better myself and if you don’t want to ‘capture it’ cuz it’s ‘not enough’, tough s–t," she added.

"Glad you found someone worth your while #MTV. Focusing on myself, my family, and making my future as bright as possible. Gain opportunities. Succeed, #EndOfStory."

Gain opportunities by getting fired from the only job you’ve ever had in a way that makes you completely unemployable by anyone else.

Wise words, y’all.