Jenelle Evans Apologizes For Wishing Death on Nathan Griffith's Brother as Fans Express Outrage on Twitter

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A video released today that shows Jenelle Evans flipping out on the brother of her fiance Nathan Griffith was created quite an uproar online:

The clip shows Evans telling Noah Griffith - a war veteran - that she wishes he "would have died in combat."

She goes on to taunt Griffith about a friend of his who was killed in Iraq. 

Needless to say, the footage shocked Teen Mom fans when it was leaked online, and many of them took to social media and YouTube to express their disgust with Evans' comments:

"There is not justification for wishing death upon someone," wrote one user. "People who die in combat are fighting for her and her family, and for Jenelle to say that is unbelievable."

Other Jenelle critics were less charitable:

"What a complete sick, twisted, dumb psychopathic hypocrite," reads one tweet.

"The girl has 13 mugshots and no custody of Jace. She's a criminal and a drug addict and slams people who serve our country," says another.

So Jenelle may have a hard time getting fans back on her side, but insiders say she's already made amends with Noah.

"Jenelle told Nathan's brother she was sorry and shouldn't have said those things," a source tells Radar Online. "She is just trying to move forward and waiting for the hate on social media to end."

Hopefully she's not holding her breath.

There's no denying that the footage is terrible and makes it harder than ever to like Jenelle. That being said, this latest family drama really has us hoping that MTV will televise Jenelle's wedding.

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