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Amid rumors that the Sister Wives family may be falling apart, we now have a new rumor to consider:

Could the Sister Wives family actually be expanding?

By which we mean the following: Is Mykelti Brown pregnant?!?

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One of Christine and Kody Brown’s daughters — the fifth overall for the latter and second for the former – has been in the news of late for what initially appeared to be a rather harmless Instagram photo.

In this picture, which Mykelti shared on September 6, the 23-year old wrote the following:

“I need more coffee, to be honest, but since I can’t have that yet, I have Mitzi."

This brand name-drop is a reference to the top Mykelti is donning in the following image:

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Typically, in this sort of situation, followers think they see a baby bump and decide to share this belief with the entire social media universe.

But that’s actually not what happened here.

Instead, fans analyzed what Brown actually wrote about the outfit, along with her diet, honing in on Mykelti claiming she "can’t have [any] coffee."

Could this be because there’s a child growing inside of the reality star’s womb?!?

“Pregnant???” one fan wrote simply in the comments.

Another asked: “Are you having a baby?”

And someone else wrote: “Pregnancy hint?”

To all of these questions and comments, Mykelti replie with a single word: “Nope.”

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Oh. Okay then.

But what about her statement about not being able to drink any caffeine, which is something many pregnant women try to avoid?

“It’s because I ran out," Brown explained of why she was unable to drink coffee at the time the above photo was snapped.

We repeat: Oh. Okay then.

Mykelti got engaged to Antonio Padron in June of 2016, confirming the exciting news as follows:

"Tony completes me in every way. He is an incredible man and, together, I believe we are perfect."

The two got married on December 17, 2016 and have no plans to pursue a polygamous lifestyle.

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In related news:

Mykelti’s sister, Maddie Brown, recently welcomed her second child, a girl named Evangalynn Kodi Brush.

And while we’re on the subject of the very large Sister Wives universe, it’s worth noting:

We think we know when Season 14 will premiere! And we cannot wait!