Kylie Jenner Bares It All for Playboy. And We Mean ALL!

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Kylie Jenner is often slammed for flaunting her wealth, partly due to the expensive clothing and jewelry she wears in random Instagram photos.

Now, however, perhaps in response to this criticism, the reality star has come up with a foolproof way to combat the haters and silence the trolls...

Kylie Jenner on Her Gram

... she's gone ahead and simply torn off every shred of her clothing!

It's true: Kylie is completely naked - or nude, if you prefer that term - in a new photo she just shared on Instagram, proving a few things in the process:

  • She has definitely shed all the baby weight.
  • Her and Travis Scott are on great terms again because she and her birthday suit are all cuddled up to the rapper in this seductive photo.
  • She really is going after Kim Kardashian in every way possible.  

Before we go any further, of course, we know you want to see the picture in question.

Here is a censored version of the red shot image:

Kylie Jenner: Nude with Travis Scott

We apologize, but you need to click on the photograph in order to see Kylie's naked body.

We're a family and advertising-friendly website and everything, okay?

If you don't feel like clicking, though, we've also included below a cropped version of the sexy snapshot that leaves out some of Kylie's more private parts, such as her bare rear end.

Kylie Jenner and Scott

"When Houston meets LA .. @playboy #ComingSoon," Kylie wrote as a caption to the photo, referencing both her hometown and that of Scott.

It was way back in 2007, of course, that half-sister Kim posed in all her naked glory for Playboy.

Khloe Kardashian has also been featured in the pages of this famous men's magazine, while Kourtney went ahead and stripped down entirely for Vanity Fair in 2015.

And now it's apparently Kylie's turn to make headlines with her buttocks and maybe even her boobs.

According to Playboy, Jenner and Scott are featured in the magazine’s Pleasure Issue.

The beauty entrepreneur will appear on the cover, which will be shot by her longtime personal photographer Sasha Samsanova and creative directed by Scott himself.

We can't say for certain yet just when the issue goes on sale.

Kylie Jenner Poses In Turks and Caicos!

Jenner and Scott, of course, share a daughter, Stormi Webster, 19 months, whom they welcomed on February 1, 2018.

The stars have been dating since they met at Coachella in April of 2017.

Fans have long speculated that the couple are engaged, or perhaps already married, although Jenner put this chatter to rest in a cover interview with Paper in February.

“I’ll let everybody know [when we're married],” she vowed at the time.

Will she do the same when she's pregnant with her next child?

It's unclear, but sources say she and Scott are trying for a Stormi sibling.

If so, they've got at least one part covered in this shoot: Kylie is naked and waiting for you, Travis!

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