Britney Spears' Doctor Abruptly Dies Just Days Before Vital Testimony

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After the frightening allegation of child abuse made public last week, fans hope that Jamie Spears will lose his convservatorship over Britney.

But even as it looks like his tyrranical rule will come to an end, another complication has come up in the battle for Britney's freedom.

Just days before the court hears vital testimony, the doctor in charge of Britney's care abruptly died.

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Dr. Timothy Benson was the psychiatrist responsible for Britney Spears' long-term mental health care.

On August 24, Benson passed away in Santa Monica.

There has been no official release of the cause of death.

But TMZ reports that, according to various sources, Benson died of an an aneurysm.

The psychiatrist was 48 years old.

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So, within the next week or so, a court-appointed evaluator will deliver some important testimony.

This is after spending three months burying themselves in all of the details of Britney's life, care, health, and conservatorship. 

The evaluator's task was determining whether Britney's healthcare was appropriate.

(Or, rather, to present evidence and an expert opinion to the court so that the judge can make that determination)

Obviously, Dr. Benson was extremely relevant to this topic before his extremely sudden passing last month.

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Raising questions about Britney's medical care isn't just some cheap tactic for discrediting Jamie Spears.

Last spring, even Lynne expresed concerns, and filed with the court to remain in the loop on Britney's health and treatments.

Before that, Britney's mom had never publicly expressed much interest in her daughter's psychiatric care or conservatorship.

Now, it doesn't sound like she trusts Jamie to always act in Britney's interests.

She has even openly discussed what some would call conspiracy theories about the conservatorship manipulating Britney's social media.

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The good news right now is that Jamie Spears will not be holding Britney's leash for long.

He has filed with the court to be relieved of conservatorship, passing down the reigns to Britney's case manager, Jodi Montgomery.

This move is temporary, for now, but has to do with the conservator being ultimately responsible for Britney's children.

You can't responsibly look after Sean Preston and Jayden James if you're not allowed near them.

And Jamie is not permitted near them because he is under police investigation for allegedly assaulting Sean Preston.

Child abusers should not be conservators, particularly when that means managing their alleged victims.

Sean Preston and Jayden James Dine at Disneyland

Jodi is expected to remain in the conservatorship position until January, but it's possible that Jamie will never regain that position.

(Fingers crossed, folks!)

One major factor will be the conclusions that the evaluator has drawn.

(Not to speak ill of the dead, but Dr. Benson's qualifications to treat Britney when he normally helps professional athletes ... some people had questions)

Another major factor will be the results of the criminal investigation into Jamie.

Of course, given that the US justice system is genuinely not designed to protect children, the evaluator is more likely to have an impact.

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The #FreeBritney has been growing louder this year, arguing that her conservatorship has gone on longer than it should have.

It's not clear what "serious psychological problems" she may have that allegedly require a lifetime of micromanagement.

Countless adults have psychiatric ailments and manage their own medications and behavior just fine.

A lot of hopes from fans are riding on what the evaluator may have to say about what Britney really needs and whether she's getting it.

In the end, we all want what's best for Britney and for her children.

Of course, creepily, that's probably what her terrible dad would say.

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