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On Tuesday, it became public knowledge that Kevin Federline accused Jamie Spears of child-abuse, alleging that he assaulted one of his own grandsons.

Britney and Kevin agreed to a new custody arrangement for the time being, giving Kevin more time with the boys to keep them out of Jamie’s clutches.

Jamie still has a lot of control over Britney’s life — but his tyrannical reign as her conservator may come to an end.

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Some people are amazing parents because their own parents were great. Others become good parents because their own were not.

Britney Spears falls into the latter category. She’s always a contender for Mom Of The Year. Neither Lynn nor Jamie even come close.

In fact, after allegedly physically assaulting his 13 (almost 14) year old grandson, Sean Preston, Jamie also seems to be a terrible grandfather.

While thankfully Kevin Federline immediately contacted the police to accuse Jamie Spears of child-abuse, there could be other consequences.

Even if Jamie avoids a conviction or even criminal charges for attacking his grandson, he could lose what he holds dear:

The conservatorship that he has used for over a decade to control Britney’s life.

Sean Preston, Britney Spears, and Jayden James at Disneyland

Curious about what may happen next, RadarOnline sat down with New York estate attorney Jules Martin Haas.

Haas acknowledges that Jamie Spears could be removed from the conservatorship over this.

For a conservator to be ousted, one"obviously has to act in an appropriate way." We’d call child-abuse inappropriate.

"So if there are circumstances that a court would feel that would call into question the appropriateness for anyone for any reason to act as a guardian," Haas explains.

He continues: "Whether that would be they committed a crime so to speak, the court most likely would have the power to revoke’s someone’s conservatorship."

"And," Haas adds, the court would then "appoint someone else that would be more appropriate."

Britney Spears in a Quiet Moment

Of course, Haas points out that our antiquated court system is heavily stacked against survivors of abuse.

"Allegations usually never enough,” Haas laments.

“Obviously, facts have to be presented to the court, and the court can make a decision," he notes.

"Like in any case," Haas reasons. "Allegations are one thing, but charges are another."

Remember, when the underlying structures of our judicial system were created, children and wives alike were considered property without rights.

Lynne Spears

This year, Lynne has been showing interest in her daughter’s conservatorship for the first time ever.

Might she be Britney’s new lead conservator? Possibly, if she petitions to do so. But not necessarily.

"The court could appoint an independent person, which happens very often," Haas reveals.

He notes that this happens "typically where there is acrimony in a family relationship, and people are fighting amongst themselves."

Well, when grandpa is breaking down doors to attack his middle school grandson, that sounds pretty acrimonious to us.

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At present, no charges have been filed against the 67-year-old.

The filing of charges can take months, unfortunately, as police and prosecutors investigate and build their case.

In the mean time, we’re sure that Kevin and Britney are coordinating to ensure that their children are safe.

This is an upsetting ordeal.

And while Britney wants to be free of her conservatorship, she’d rather face restrictions for a thousand years than put her sons in harm’s way.