John David Duggar & Abbie Burnett Go Silent on Social Media: Is Their Marriage In Trouble ALREADY?!

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For a long time, the children of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were forbidden to join social media until they were in relationship that appeared to be headed toward marriage.

This rule was loosened somewhat to allow Jana Duggar to join Instagram even though she's still single.

Jana Duggar Dress

Like so much of what the Duggars do, it makes little to no sense, but the Counting On clan seems to feel no need to explain themselves.

So for whatever reason, the very minor pleasure of uploading pics and liking posts are generally restricted to Duggars who have found their match.

Which is why it's so weird that John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett have already ghosted their Instagram followers.

John David and Abbie got married in November, and they launched a joint account shortly after their courtship began.

On May 12, the couple posted the pic below, along with a caption announcing a contest in honor of Mother's Day;

Abbie Burnett Smiles

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!!!” going on to announce a contest to “win a whole new wardrobe from [Citrus and Lemon].”

But it's not the redundancy of the name Citrus and Lemon that has fans upset.

No, it's the fact that John David and Abbie never announced a winner for their contest -- in fact, after that post they appear tyo have disappeared from social media entirely.

Yes, after waiting their entire adult lives to haop aboard the Instagram train, these two basically got off at the first stop.

It's been almost two months since that post, and John and Abbie have nit updated their page since.

John David With Abbie on Instagram

Duggar obsessives follow the family's every move, so it's no surprise that many are concerned about the sudden disappearance.

“Are you guys ok??” one fan asked.

“Abby girl! What happen? Wheres you and john these days?” another commented.

“Abby please post more you and john. We miss ya. Unless there is a reason we will find out later,” a third remarked.

“You are a perfect match and one of my.favorite couples on counting on!"

Abbie and John David

Now, the most likely explanation is that Abbie and John David quickly realized that they missed the brief period in which social media was anything other than a cesspool of bigotry and political hot takes, and they made the wise decision to bail on the whole scene.

But because this is the internet in 2019, the most likely explanation has been shoved aside in favor of scandalous hot takes.

Some fans are speculating that there's trouble in paradise, but the most common theory seems to be that Abbie is secretly pregnant.

“Your (sic) next in line for baby time,” wrote a third.

“Well!!!!! Any big (gotta wait 9mo) news?” another asked.

It's a stretch, but if Abbie is pregnant, she would join the roughly 9 million other Duggar women who are currently expecting:

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