Jana Duggar Joins Instagram: Is She FINALLY In a Courtship?! [UPDATED]

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Jana Duggar's relationship status has long been a subject of intense scrutiny among Duggar fans.

At 29, Jana remains unmarried, which is unheard of in her family.

Obviously, being unattached at her age is nothing unusual in the real world, but in Duggar Land, women are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being.

Duggars also aren't permitted to join social media until they're in a relationship (excuse us, "courtship"), so when Jana joined Instagram this week, many fans assumed she'd finally found Mr. Right.

But they may be surprised by the reality of the situation.

Check it out:

1. Finally!

At 28, Jana has finally joined social media. And many fans believe the move has major implications for her love life.

2. Jana's First Post

Jana's First Post
Jana's first post was a photo of Jessa Duggar's two sons, Spurgeon and Henry. She captioned the pic, "Best buddies!"

3. Something New

Something New
Okay, so it's not the courtship announcement fans had been hoping for, but it was still very well-received.

4. Big Numbers

Big Numbers
Jana's first post went live less than 24 hours ago, and she already has 186 thousand followers. She follows just 24 accounts.

5. What Does It All Mean?

What Does It All Mean?
So has Jana finally found the right guy? That's the rumor that spread like wildfire across the more Duggar-obsessed corners of the internet Thursday night.

6. Taking the Bates?

Taking the Bates?
Fans were quick to jump to conclusions after noting that longtime family friend Lawson Bates was one of the first to comment on Jessa's post.

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