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Breaking news: Jenelle Evans is not a good mom.

Ha ha, just kidding — the "breaking news" part was a joke because the fact that Jenelle is a bad mom has been public knowledge for years now.

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It’s just … she’s so bad at it, you know?

As much as she wants everyone to believe that she’s "a damn good mom," her actions tell a very different story.

Would a damn good mom give up custody of her first child before he had his first birthday?

Would a damn good mom get pregnant again before she regained custody of her first child?

PB and Jenelle-y

Would a damn good mom get pregnant again after that, then marry a man that’s been accused several times of abusing one of her kids while the other kid directly told her he didn’t want her to marry him?

Look, we could sit here all day and ask questions like that, but it would get too sad and you might get too depressed to get to the main point of this story.

The main point, obviously, being the latest example of how Jenelle really is just the worst.

So, OK, we all remember how David killed Jenelle’s dog and CPS removed Kaiser, Ensley, and Maryssa from their home, right?

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Of course we do — it’s kind of hard to forget such a horrifying story.

That happened in May, they were in court several times in June, and then at the beginning of this month, a judge ordered that all the kids be returned to The Land.

The family has only been back together for a few weeks, and already Jenelle is showing her true colors.

Her true, gross colors.

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On Twitter and Facebook, she asked the following question:

"When are kids too old for birthday parties? Serious question. I want to know what everyone thinks."

Now, that might just be something she was curious about and wanted to discuss.

But Jace turns 10 next Friday, and Maryssa turns 12 a couple of days after that.

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So everyone knows what she’s really asking — and the answers showed that.

"I think you’re a terrible mom that doesn’t want to throw parties for anyone but Ensley," one person commented.

Another said "I can’t imagine that any parent would allow their child to attend a party hosted by junkes, dog killers and child abusers."

As one follower pointed out, "Shouldn’t you throw a party so you can put the pics on IG and keep up the facade of being a parent?

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But then someone asked "Is this your way of saying Maryssa won’t get a party this year?", and it feels like that’s really the issue here.

Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, has full custody of Jace, and she always throws him a party.

He might have another celebration at Jenelle’s house, but his big party has always been with Barbara.

Unfortunately, David does have custody of Maryssa, and what’s especially unfortunate is that during the court proceedings, we learned that he and Jenelle don’t even really want custody.

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Remember the report about how they decided that they were only fighting for Ensley and Kaiser, that Maryssa could stay with her grandmother?

They reached that decision after Maryssa allegedly refused to speak to David during one of their supervised visits — something that was said to have infuriated him.

The girl also testified in court, telling everyone what truly goes on in the Eason home.

What she said was never made public, but we did hear that what she had to say wasn’t very positive.

Then the justice system failed, and now Maryssa has to live with those people again — and apparently one of her punishments is that she doesn’t get a birthday party.

But sure, Jenelle, tell us more about what a damn good mom you are.