Jenelle Evans & David Eason: Under Attack by Conspiracy Theorists! Fake Dog-Slaying Texts, Accounts Exposed!! [EXCLUSIVE]

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As we've proven time and again, we're no apologists for Teen Mom 2 terror Jenelle Evans and her spouse David Eason.

We're proud to have brought attention to their dishonest or abusive behavior on countless occasions in recent years.

That said, what interests us more is the truth. Our expose on David's alleged dog-killing confession was wrong.

We apologize for this. Just because people are guilty of bad behavior doesn't mean everything you read is true.

Jenelle and David - and by extention, THG - have been victimized by an online hoax involving their treatment of animals.

Are the allegations 100 percent accurate?

We can't say for certain, but it's our journalistic duty to present both sides of the case and allow you to decide for yourself.

So join us on this deep dive into an unexpected conspiracy theory ... one that appears designed to frame and ruin the Easons.

The Jenelle and David saga gets stranger by the day, and we're just along for the ride. Let's break it all down for you:

1. The Victims?

The Victims?
We know, we know. Jenelle and David are not good people, and they're engaged in all manner of egregious behavior in the past.

2. Fair and Balanced

Fair and Balanced
But they deserve to be accurately represented in the media. And if anything, the fact they've been proven to engage in all sorts of bigoted, abusive, and violent behavior is all the more reason to NOT make things up about them.

3. The Movement

The Movement
There's been a real effort to call attention to the Eason's (alleged) mistreatment of their children and animals, and thus far, the grassroots movement has been very effective in holding the Easons accountable for their actions.

4. Self-Policing

But in order for it to remain effective, that same movement must self-regulate and hold itself to the strictest of standards with regard to honesty, accuracy, and transparency.

5. An Unexpected Turn

An Unexpected Turn
And so, in that spirit, we present to you the strange rumors surrounding Jenelle, David, and their pitbull Jax.

6. On the Hunt

On the Hunt
As you've no doubt heard by now, the Easons' children were removed from their home after David shot and killed the family's 11-pound French bulldog in a fit of rage.

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