Jenelle Evans: I'm Getting My Kids Back!

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For Jenelle Evans and David Eason, the nightmare is finally over.

According to various outlets, the VERY polarizing reality stars are about to get their children back.

This judicial decision marks the end of a several-week odyssey that started back when Eason shot his family's dog dead.

Child Protection Services then intervened... and authorities determined that the parents were not raising their kids in a safe environment.

What has now changed?

What, exactly, has a judge decreed?

And where does Jenelle go from here?

Scroll down for every answer...

1. This Has Been Quite the Saga

This Has Been Quite the Saga
Jenelle has three kids. Her oldest son, Jace, is under the care of his grandmother and Jenelle's mom, Barbara. But her youngest two kids, a five-year old named Kaiser and two-year old named Ensley, live with her and husband Eason.

2. At Least They DID Live with Them

At Least They DID Live with Them
Between Jenelle's history of drug use and Eason's history of violence, fans always believed these two were unfit parents. But it took Eason shooting and killing the family dog to get authorities involved.

3. Yes, This Really Happened

Yes, This Really Happened
Eason claimed the small dog snapped at Ensley, but the video he provided as so-called proof did not make it look like the toddler was in danger at all.

4. And Even If She Was?

And Even If She Was?
Eason could have grabbed the dog and driven it away to a shelter of some kind. Instead, he reportedly beat it bloody with his bare hands and then shot it in the woods with a shotgun.

5. Enter the Authorities

Enter the Authorities
Child Protection Services paid the Eason/Evans household a visit in the wake of this disgusting act -- and then, on May 28, a judge decreed that David and Jenelle were not qualified to raise their kids.

6. A Statement from Jenelle

A Statement from Jenelle
In a statement obtained by People Magazine at this time, Evans’ rep said: “At this time we are cooperating with the judge and legal team from court. We have no comment at this time and appreciate the concerns regarding our client and her children. We will continue to cooperate with the court and their decisions."

7. Evans Also Spoke to The Hollywood Gossip About the Situation

Evans Also Spoke to The Hollywood Gossip About the Situation
"I love my kids so much and I will do anything necessary to get them back and that is all I want everyone to understand," the controversial MTV personality told us two days after a judge took them away.

8. Will She Divorce Eason?

Will She Divorce Eason?
This act would seemingly go a long way toward helping Jenelle get her kids back for good, but she implied to The Hollywood Gossip that this wasn't in the cards, saying: "I love being a mother and David and I will get through this. We are staying strong and united."

9. Don't Judge Me!

Don't Judge Me!
“I am currently following what my attorney has asked,” Jenelle concluded in late May. “I don’t want to speak publicly on the matter currently as that will jeopardize the possibilities of getting my kids back. I ask everyone to have an open heart before they judge how the media is portraying me."

10. Fast Forward Just Over a Month...

Fast Forward Just Over a Month...
... and Jenelle and David attended multiple court hearings in order to learn the news they learned on July 3: their kids were coming home.

11. The Decision:

The Decision:
Sources close the custody case have told TMZ that Ensley and Kaiser must be returned to Jenelle's home by 10 a.m. EST on July 4.

12. Where Had They Been?

Where Had They Been?
Kaiser had been living with his father, Nathan, while Ensley had been with her grandmother, Barbara.

13. What Prompted This Ruling?

What Prompted This Ruling?
We can't say for certain. But Jenelle and David believed the kids were at risk living with Barbara because of Jenelle's erratic uncle, Colin, who has a long history with the police. Tragically, it's possible that the judge decided that Ensley was ALSO unsafe with Barbara and determined that she might as well be with her biological mother.

14. Jenelle Has Just Called 911 on Her Mom

Jenelle Has Just Called 911 on Her Mom
She really did. It's true. Read why HERE, but she basically thought Barbara had locked Ensley in the bathroom and called 911 for a welfare check.

15. The Judge Also Simply Believed in Jenelle and David

The Judge Also Simply Believed in Jenelle and David
To some extent, at least. According to The Ashley, the judge in the case stated in court that she “did not see evidence of neglect” on Jenelle and David’s part.

16. How Did David's Daughter Play a Role in This?

How Did David's Daughter Play a Role in This?
Maryssa, the 11-year old David shares with an ex, was also taken away in May by the court. And she testified AGAINST her father and Jenelle in this case.

17. But It Didn't Really Matter

But It Didn't Really Matter
“Despite everything Maryssa said on the stand in regard to the [alleged] abuse and [alleged] substance abuse, and some of the kids’ teachers taking the stand, and the release of 911 calls, including ones that have not been made public, the judge still dismissed the case,” the source told The Ashley. “There was a particular recording played in court that was especially damning and helped Jenelle and David’s case."

18. Wait, What?!?

Wait, What?!?
“An ex of [David’s ex-wife] Whitney gave Jenelle and David a recording from the past in which Whitney said Maryssa was a good liar,” the source said... which does sound very odd. A judge based at least part of his/her decision on the belief that an 11-year old girl was lying?

19. Jenelle Reacts!

Jenelle Reacts!
She Tweeted these two messages as soon as the decision was handed down.

20. Eason Also Reacts

Eason Also Reacts
This is what he wrote on Snapchat.

21. Will There Be an Appeal?

Will There Be an Appeal?
Yes. In the meantime, all three kids -- including Maryssa -- will be returned to the former Teen Mom stars this week.

22. Reaction Online is Mixed

Reaction Online is Mixed
Some folks believe kids should be with their mother. Others disagree... when said mother is a total trainwreck.

23. Eason is Unapologetic

Eason is Unapologetic
Speaking to Radar Online outside of the courthouse on the final day of his hearing, he said: “Just stay on your P’s and Q’s cause some people try to accuse you of things that are not necessarily true; blow things out if the water that are very small.”

24. But This Isn't the End of the Family Drama

But This Isn't the End of the Family Drama
“Everyone is distraught,” a family insider told Radar after the news that Jenelle got her kids back, adding simply: "These poor kids."

25. What Happens Now?

What Happens Now?
Nothing, really, not after the children are back in The Land. Emergency service records have revealed that authorities were called to this residence 25 times in the last year alone... but this accumulation wasn't enough to permanently remove the kids from their mother's care.

26. That's Insane!

That's Insane!
We know. The records state that nearly one third of the calls were welfare check requests and six calls were made by someone inside the house, including the time this past October Evans overly told a 911 operator that David had broken her collarbone.

27. At Least MTV Won't Be Giving These People a Platform Any Longer

At Least MTV Won't Be Giving These People a Platform Any Longer
Said the network shortly after the dog shooting occurred: "We have stopped filming with Jenelle ... as of April 6, 2019, and have no plans to cover her story in the upcoming season," noting that the network also "ended [its] relationship with David Eason over a year ago in February 2018."

28. Stay Tuned to The Hollywood Gossip for Constant Updates

Stay Tuned to The Hollywood Gossip for Constant Updates
We hope there's nothing else to report. We hope no other 911 calls are ever made and everyone involved remains safe, sound and happy. But we tragically have many reasons to believe this is wishful thinking.

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