Debra Danielsen to Amber Portwood: Quit Teen Mom! Seek Help!

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Debra Danielsen is the mother of Farrah Abraham.

And even though Danielsen's polarizing daughter recently trashed Amber Portwood in the wake of her arrest for domestic assault, Debra is here to offer Amber some parental advice.

It's just a question of whether or not Portwood is willing to take  it.

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"I feel super bad that she feels so sad that she wants to kill herself,” Deb told The Ashley this week, responding to reports that Portwood downed a number of pills during her confrontation on July 5 with Andrew Glennon.

Danielsen, who has been pretty close to Portwood for awhile now, then added;

“There are so many people that would love to help her, myself included."

According to Glennon, via the official Indiana police report from the day in question, Amber blew up at her live-in boyfriend hours after the couple and its  14-month old son got stuck in traffic and missed a July Fourth fireworks show.

She allegedly blamed Glennon for these plans being foiled.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon Throwback

As you very likely have read all about by now, Amber was arrested on THREE felony charges back on July 5.

She's accused of throwing a shoe at Andrew and then of grabbing a machete and using it against the bathroom door, behind which Glennon was cowering with the pair's young son.

The allegations in the affidavit filed by Glennon also state that Amber “went to her drawer and took a handful of Klonopin and tossed it back like it was nothing," thankfully throwing the the pills back up shortly after.

By her own admission, Portwood has thought about suicide in the past.

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Danielsen says in this new interview that Amber’s actions and mental state make it clear she needs to take time off from being in the public eye in order to really focus and receive professional assistance.

“I think it’s time that she takes a timeout to learn to love herself and to really fully concentrate on herself, and not have to do whatever she’s feeling bad about,” Danielsen tells The Ashley.

“I don’t know what the problem is, but I think she deserves the time to take care of it."

Amber herself has sort of acknowledged the problem, acknowleding on more than one occasion that she's been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

She even referred to herself as "f-ckin nuts" on a very recent episode of Teen Mom OG.

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“Maybe she’s got a severe anger problem, but there’s something down inside of her that she needs time away to fully explore and get it out," Danielsen adds, emphasizing again that Portwood really should step away from the spotlight for awhile.

We agree.

Again, Portwood herself has complained in the past about how she's portrayed on the series and how this has effected her mental health and general well-being.

The answer here seems pretty obvious, doesn't it?

Concludes Danielsen:

“I know [the producers] know that each girl has a weakness and they think they’re helping other people by showing the girls’ stories, even their struggles.

"But it’s hard on the people in front of the camera. It is very hard to have your demons play out in front of millions of people in real time each week.”

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