Andrew Glennon to Amber Portwood: I Hope You Never See Your Son Again!

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There's more bad news for troubled Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood today.

As you've likely heard by now, Portwood was arrested on domestic violence charges earlier this month after she allegedly assaulted boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

Now, a new report from Radar Online claims that Glennon is fighting Portwood for sole custody of the couple's infant son, James.

Portwood has already lost custody of daughter Leah, who currently resides with her father, Gary Shirley.

Now, Amber's violent behavior may wind up costing her custody of her only other child.

Here's everything we know about this increasingly ugly situation:

1. The (Formerly) Happy Couple

The (Formerly) Happy Couple
Amber and Andrew met shortly after her messy breakup with Matt Baier. In fact, Glennon was a producer on Marriage Boot Camp, and Amber and Matt broke up on set.

2. Moving Fast

Moving Fast
Amber and Andrew wasted no time in the early days of their relationship, and it wasn't long before he moved to Indiana to be with her on a more full-time basis.

3. Rapid Decline

Rapid Decline
There was a brief period of time in which the couple seemed happy, but it wasn't long before Amber's famous temper began to strain the relationship.

4. Another Mugshot

Another Mugshot
Sadly, when Portwood was arrested on domestic violence charges last week, few were surprised. But as details of the altercation began to emerge, even the star's harshest critics expressed shock.

5. An Appalling Allegation

An Appalling Allegation
Glennon told police that Portwood attacked him with a machete while he was holding the couple's 1-year-old son, James.

6. Making Moves

Making Moves
Now, in a move that's not surprising given the nature of his allegations, Glennon has filed for sole custody of James.

7. Pleading His Case

Pleading His Case
Glennon's lawyers make their case clearly in court documents obtained on Wednesday by Radar Online.

8. Game-Changer

“Father believes it is in James’ best interests that he be awarded sole legal and primary physical custody,” the court papers read.

9. A Safety Issue

A Safety Issue
“Father believes that it is not currently in James’ best interests for Mother to have unsupervised parenting time," the documents continue.

10. Necessary Reminder

Necessary Reminder
From there, Glennon's lawyers offered a detailed account of Amber's alleged attack.

11. An Ugly Scene

An Ugly Scene
“Mother was arrested on July 5, 2019, after she struck Father while he was holding James, and, then, charged at Father with a machete, also while father was holding James,” reads the filing.

12. Off Her Meds

Off Her Meds
“Father believes Mother is currently unable to provide a safe, stable and secure environment for James on an ongoing basis due to her frequent refusal and/or failure to take medicines prescribed to treat her mental-health conditions, among other concerns,” the documents state.

13. Covering His Bases

Covering His Bases
Glennon says that on July 8, three days after the incident, he submitted to questioning from the Department of Child and Family Services.

14. The Authorities on His Side

The Authorities on His Side
“DCS informed Father that they intended to file a Child in Need of Services case… that Father was not to permit Mother to have unsupervised contact with James," the filing continues.

15. Bad News For Amber

Bad News For Amber
The documents state that DCS would also “recommend to Juvenile Court that James be placed in Father’s custody.”

16. Taking the Proper Steps

Taking the Proper Steps
Glennon also submitted to a DNA test just to ensure that he is James' biological father.

17. Order of Protection

Order of Protection
Based on the description of the altercation that Glennon provided to police, it makes sense that Amber has ordered to keep her distance from both Andrew and James.

18. Evasive Maneuver

Evasive Maneuver
“Mr. Glennon stated he was holding [James] and he turned to the side to avoid him getting struck with the shoe,” reads the report.

19. A Shocking Meltdown

A Shocking Meltdown
Glennon says that Portwood threatened self-harm when he announced that he planned to call the police.

20. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff
“Ms. Portwood went to her drawer and took a handful of Klonopin and tossed it back like it was nothing,” the court papers read. She reportedly “regurgitated the pills” when he called 911.

21. Why Was There a Machete?

Why Was There a Machete?
Glennon then locked himself in a room with James, which is when Amber grabbed the machete.

22. Tragedy Averted

Tragedy Averted
“She hit the door with the machete and kicked the door and broke the handle,” the court documents read.

23. Dismissive Language

Dismissive Language
For her part, Amber dismissed the allegations against her in a statement to police.

24. Downplaying

“It was in the shoulder, and I barely hit him," she stated, claiming that she became upset when Andrew recorded her "yelling."

25. Hard Road Ahead

Hard Road Ahead
Sources tell Radar that Amber is currently “staying with her mom right now" as she awaits her day in court. We're guessing she won't like what the judge has to say.

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