Farrah Abraham to Amber and Jenelle: Dump Your Men!

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Farrah Abraham is no longer a member of the Teen Mom franchise.

The polarizing ex-reality star was fired well over a year ago due to her refusal to stop filming soft porn videos.

But this doesn't mean Abraham doesn't still have opinions on the Teen Mom franchise, especially when two prominent members of that franchise have recently been in the news.

Jenelle Evans just regained custody of her kids after losing them for several weeks due to the dangerous environment she's created at home.

Amber Portwood, meanwhile, may now lose custody of her young son after getting arrested on felony assault charges.

Where does Abraham stand on these women and what has gone wrong for them?

The disgraced star was asked this question by TMZ and was very happy to provide a few answers...

1. Farrah's Got Takes!

Farrah's Got Takes!
Abraham has never met a camera she didn't want to speak to. In this case, she was approached on the street by TMZ, with daughter Sophia by her side.

2. What is a Hatchet?!?

What is a Hatchet?!?
The interview started with Farrah being told Amber attacked boyfriend Andrew Glennon with a "hatchet." It was allegedly a machete, actually, but we had to mention this because Abraham replied: "What's a hatchet?"

3. Let's Get to the Heart of These Issues, However

Let's Get to the Heart of These Issues, However
What does Farrah think of Amber's arrest? Of her reported assault against Glennon, while he was cradling the couple's one-year old son?

4. Abraham Was Not Shocked

Abraham Was Not Shocked
“I am not trying to be mean, but I pretty much saw it coming, because Amber doesn’t have custody of [10-year-old daughter Leah]," she said, citing one of Portwood's previous arrests, in 2010, during which she was convicted of domestic battery towards Leah's father, Gary Shirley.

5. Trying, Yet Failinh

Trying, Yet Failinh
"I'm pretty sure even though she's trying her hardest to be a great mom and have new opportunities to being a mom, she probably lost custody of her new child," Abraham added. "She's just not good in relationships, and still being on Teen Mom hasn’t made her tougher or maybe learn her lesson.”

6. No Sympathy. At All.

No Sympathy. At All.
What about Amber having been diagnosed as bipolar? Doesn't that matter here? It's no excuse, Farrah says. “Amber has always sought help, and how much help do you need?" she asked TMZ.

7. What Advice Would Farrah Give Amber?

What Advice Would Farrah Give Amber?
"I think she needs to eliminate the things that make her angry, which is a relationship, maybe the production she works on. That's what my therapist would probably say.”

8. As for Jenelle?

As for Jenelle?
Evans has her two young kids back, following several weeks of court hearing in which she argued that she and husband David Eason are actually responsible parents. As you might expect, Abraham has some thoughts on this situation as well.

9. It All Comes Back to Eason

It All Comes Back to Eason
“I really feel like Jenelle has chosen a bad relationship over her kids, and I feel really awful for her kids for that," Farrah says, making sense for a change.

10. Jenelle Just Keeps Effing Up

Jenelle Just Keeps Effing Up
"I do wish Jenelle all the best, but again, she’s making all the wrong choices. She shouldn't stand with a man who shoots dogs," Abraham added.

11. Down with Eason

Down with Eason
"A woman of value would not stay with a man who’s like that," Farrah concluded, figuratively dropping her microphone.

12. The Jenelle Case Has Actually Gotten Really Weird

The Jenelle Case Has Actually Gotten Really Weird
Police announced on July 10 that, despite Evans filing a police report against her husband at the time, Eason would NOT face charges in the death of the family's dog.

13. Why Not?

Why Not?
“Jenelle stated that the reason she filed the animal cruelty report was for the publicity and because she did not know where her dog was,” police said in a press release to WECT. “The evidence collected indicates that the allegations of animal cruelty were fabricated. Therefore, Columbus County Sheriff’s Office is closing this investigation. No charges will be filed in this case.”

14. Wait: Evans Made Up the Entire Dog Shooting Story?

Wait: Evans Made Up the Entire Dog Shooting Story?
So the police say. But Evans said differently in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Gossip.

15. What is Jenelle's Side Here?

What is Jenelle's Side Here?
This is what she told us: "I called back the Chief of Police because he wanted to speak with me the beginning of May 2019. When I called him, before I can even speak, he said to me, 'Mrs. Eason, I need to know the truth about this situation. I have many media outlets calling me about it and I want to tell you right now if this is a publicity stunt you need to tell me because I have other cases including things like rape that I have to deal with. If you are doing it for publicity then I understand and will close the case and you can go about your business.”

16. Okay, Go On...

Okay, Go On...
"When I responded I told him, 'Yes, what you heard is true about my dog. This isn’t a publicity stunt and I’m not sure where my dog is or what happened to my dog but you would have to call David and ask. I was inside my house with my kids when David went outside with the dog.'"

17. It's a Little Confusing

It's a Little Confusing
In the police report, Jenelle alleges she heard the gunshot, but did not see Eason shoot the pet. We asked her exactly what happened that fateful day, and here's what she told us:

18. But Evans Can Explain:

But Evans Can Explain:
"I told them I hear gunshots all the time at my house and my neighbor down the road even shoots his cannon sometimes. Told them I don’t remember if I heard a gunshot or not. I never saw anything and was in the house with my kids the entire time (Ensley, Kaiser, and Maryssa)," Jenelle wrote in our email interview.

19. The Cops Lie!

The Cops Lie!
Referring to David's 11-year old daughter, Jenelle added: "Maryssa even got on stand in court, with the CPS case, and testified that the story of the dog did in fact happen. Not sure why the police would lie about this entire investigation."

20. It's All So Corrup!

It's All So Corrup!
"These police ended their 'investigation' a month ago and told David’s lawyer, Bill Gore, that they were closing the case. I honestly think they are doing this for their own publicity because they could have wrote up their “press release” weeks ago," Jenelle continued. "I’ve never in my life dealt with a police department ever 'releasing a press statement' about their investigations. "

21. Can I Move on Please?

Can I Move on Please?
"You would have to ask David what happened. I was not outside," Evans concluded. "No more details I want to share, just want to move on with my life. This was an incident that should have never went public to begin with."

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