Amy Roloff: Hinting She's Finally Engaged to Chris Marek?

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Little People, Big World fans know that the show can be fake sometimes. The best way to get the truth from Amy Roloff is just to ask her.

When Amy was seen wearing a conspicuous ring on her finger, everyone wanted to know if the Chris Marek engagement rumors were true.

Smart fans asked Amy, and here's what she had to say:

Seflie with Chris

After spotting a conspicuous flash of jewelry in a recent video, a fan on social media just had to ask.

"Ms. Amy. I spotted a beautiful ring on your finger during your live chat … hmmmm?" the fan asked.

“No big news," Amy replied.

"It’s a ring I had remade," she shared. "From a ring I already had."

Amy also noted: "It’s on my right finger."

Pair of Riders

Reality TV fans are like corvids in a number of ways -- one of which that they get really, really excited about shiny jewelry.

You see it, you get excited, and you don't necessarily agonize over whether the finger placement gives the ring special significance.

So, no engagement -- not so far, anyway.

But there are lots of reasons for fans to be excited about where this relationship is going.

Chris and Amy seem more and more inseparable by the day.

Amy Roloff and Chris, On the Road

Amy and Chris just spent a lot of time this past weekend with each other and with Chris' family -- at a family reunion.

"What a great time seeing a lot of Chris’s family’s at his family reunion," Amy shared on Instagram.

"I was happy to be there w/ him and get to see many of them again," she shared.

"And," Amy added, she got to "hear a few more fun stories about Chris."

"Life is a little more wonderful when it’s about family and in all its little differences," she concluded.

Amy Roloff Rides with Chris Marek

To be fair, there's no question at all that weddings are on Amy's mind at the moment.

She has been hard at work helping to plan the wedding for her son, Jacob, and his fiancee, Isabel.

Just because she has other children who have been married for years doesn't make this any less exciting for her.

It's a huge milestone for her, for the whole family, and especially for Jacob.

After those awkward years of estrangement, it's so good that her boy is back in her life.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek by the Fire Pit

Amy's relationship with Chris began in 2016.

The two met just months after her divorce from Matt was finalized.

Amy has since confessed that she had not imagined that a person of Chris' height might find her attractive or see her as a romantic partner.

Clearly, she now knows better -- and they've been dating for years.

Just because Amy and Chris aren't rushing into marriage doesn't mean that it's not a very real possibility.

Chris Marek with Amy Roloff Pic

Amy and Chris' relationship has its share of critics, hiowever.

Some are longtime fans who were so attached to the idea of Amy and Matt being together and don't like the divorce. That's life, folks. Move on.

Then there are people convinced that Chris is hungry for fame or money or is some sort of scammer.

Always presented without evidence, these accusations contain a thinly veiled undercurrent of ableism.

The people hurling these claims seem to think that Chris couldn't really love Amy, and won't believe it despite the evidence.

That's just ... really sad, folks.

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