Abbie Burnett: She Must Be Pregnant! Look at This Photo!

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Here we go, folks.

This must be it, everyone.

It's time to celebrate yet another Duggar family pregnancy, celebrity gossip lovers...

A Pregnancy Announcement?

... OR IS IT?

With seemingly every female with this last name, or every female who has married into this cult clan, expecting a baby at some point over the next few months, many social media followers now believe that Abbie Burnett ought to be added to this list.

Burnett is 27 years old, which is ancient by the standards of a Duggar-in-law to be motherless, and she married John David in November of 2018.

Fans have been wondering ever since just when the couple would confirm Abbie was pregnant, considering most Duggars procreate on their wedding night. Or maybe the night after.

In late June, some supporters thought that Jessa Duggar actually spoiled this blessed development in an unexpected, roundabout way.

How so?

John David With Abbie on Instagram

By mourning her grandmother via a tribute that read, in part:

She was so excited about the many new great-grandbabies due this coming fall and winter, and it never got old for her.

She welcomed each new baby with joy and would hold them with such tenderness and delight.

All the Duggars who have thus far announced they're expecting are due around October or November -- which means none of them are due in the "winter," as Jessa wrote, which means she must have been referring to Abbie when citing this season... right?


But maybe not.

Abbie and John David

Fast forward almost six weeks and Abbie and John David shared the very first photo we've published on this page.

It was snapped at a Wisconsin air show they attended a few days ago and it's clear the couple had a great time there.

Some also think it's clear that John David is cradling his wife's baby bump in the snapshot.

"I thought this was a pregnancy announcement!” one fan remarked in response, while another added:

“By the way they both are holding her stomach, she could be [pregnant].”

Asked a third person:

“When are you two gonna announce that you’re having a baby?"

John David & Abbie Wedding Day Pic

We have no idea whether or not John David and Abbie are having a baby... either right now or in the near or far future.

Truth be told, it's none of our business and it's sort of rude to speculate over something so private.

But this is just what happens on the Internet, isn't it?

The last time we heard about Burnett and Duggar it was because some readers out there believed this marriage was in trouble.

And now these same folks think a baby is on the way?!?

Let's just wait until we hear directly from the stars themselves, shall we? Just an idea, you guys.

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